Monday, 2 June 2008

Escape to the Country

This was the scene as we approached our holiday cottage near Bakewell. (Well, ours for the week anyway!). Yes, the sun was shining although there was a cool wind that developed into something much stronger over the weekend. (If you've been over to Lucy's blog at Attic 24 you'll realise just how bad the winds were). One thing we noticed as soon as reached the Derbyshire countryside was the large amount of Hawthorn trees in the area and it was obviously just the right time to catch them in full bloom. As we got nearer to our cottage the roads became narrow lanes and got quieter and quieter until we reached the lane where our little cottage was nestled amongst the trees and meadows.

As we continued down the lane our cottage came into view at last.

And these young ladies were there to greet us. . . . .

and had left us a welcoming gift.


Lucy @attic24 said...

oh how lovely! You can't beat fresh eggs, and what a pretty little cottage.
Yes, I can vouch for the wind and the hawthorn blossom, it was lovely wasn't it (the blossom not the wind)?!
Will you show more of your holiday, I didn't take many pics but its sucha lovely area isn't it?

Sal said...

How lovely..just what I could do with right now..! Sal;-)

LOUISE said...

What a great place to stay, a lovely cottage and with chickens in residence too. I think the supply of eggs for you was a very nice welcome from the owners. x