Monday, 24 November 2008

Christmas Treats

Despite knowing that I've bought an awful lot of magazines this month, Rob has indulged me by surprising me with two gorgeous Christmas books. I've been drooling over this one in the shops for several weeks but at the price of £25 thougt it was far too expensive to buy at this time of year. Fortunately The Book People came to the rescue with the bargain price of £10 and it was in my eager mitts within a few days. It is full of gorgeous ideas for decorating with flowers

gorgeous decorations

and delicious ideas for food.

A less familiar book was this one, although equally lovely and well laid out. It is full of ideas for decorations, food, table decorations and making presents. The theme throughout is a 'green' Christmas and thrifty ideas for homemade gifts.

How about yummy marshmallows?

Advent stockings?

Or how about these fabulous edible tree decorations?

I look forward to finding something to read at Christmas. Rob always insists that the has to read a Dickens novel at Christmas. For me, well for some reason Harry Potter always makes me feel Christmassy but this year I think I will indulge myself with something seasonal from Miss Read. I think my great treat this Christmas on t.v. will be a feature length Christmas edition of Lark Rise to Candleford. It is my one weakness!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Back on Form

The December issue of Country Living is published and all's well. I've been a little worried of late about my beloved CL and its contents. Maybe because I'm a sad old woman and I've bought every copy ever published, I have become set in my ways and cannot accept change. However, in the last few months there has been too much of a sixties and seventies influence for me and not enough pretty floralness. There I've said has been a'bit off' recently. This month it is back to sparkling form and is the best of the Christmas issues I've bought so far this year.

Fellow blogger Michele over at Cowboys & Custard is also featured in Emporium this month. Pop over and take a look at her box frames filled with vintage finds.

This weekend we took a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to begin the dreaded shopping. I can bear Christmas shopping if I'm somewhere civilised and pretty and not congested. Stratford is one of the larger places I enjoy visiting...for this shop in particular.

This shop is lovely at any time of year and is full of goodies by Greengate, Yankee Candles and all sorts of Christmas themed goodies. This next shop is also good for a tasty treat for yourself.

I did manage to control myself in these two shops but I did come away with a new winter coat from elsewhere. After a pub lunch we moved on to Broadway for Afternoon Tea and a browse around its lovely shops.Pretty as always but even more attractive in the twilight just as the lights are beginning to come on.

Here is one of my favourite shops.

And the Thomas Kinkade Gallery.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to have supper here at The Lygon Arms.

Never mind...there's always another day.