Sunday, 28 August 2011

Three go Down to the Sea

This is St Anthony Head lighthouse...more commonly known in the Funky household as 'my lighthouse'. We've been visiting the Lizard Peninsular for nine or ten years now. Faithfully revisiting the same village and the same cottage year after year. Most evenings I will walk down the steep hill, past whitewashed cottages to sit at dusk on the pebbly grey beach and gaze at 'my lighthouse'. The view you see above is not the view I am used to for that glorious August week. Instead, I have to wait until dusk before I can see the beam of light from St Anthony head across the bay near St Mawes. But it is still 'my lighthouse' and every year my heart leaps as I see its comforting light shining across Falmouth bay, guiding ships through the infamous Manacles, rocks that have caused so many shipwrecks and taken so many lives.

This year we took the King Harry ferry

and went across to the Roseland Peninsular. We really went to look at St Mawes and the church at St Just in Roseland, but the highlight of my day and totally unexpectedly, was our visit to 'my lighthouse'. I love lighthouses and the safety and comfort they represent, knowing that ships can identify where they are by the 'character' of each light. Every lighthouse run by Trinity House has its own 'character' which means that the light stays on for a certain length of time, then off for another length of time, and lights can be a combination of white and red. St Anthony's character is a combination of red and white light flashing for 15 seconds at a time. I dream of living in a lighthouse, watching ferocious storms from the safety of its impenetrable thick walls.......I think I read too much Enid Blyton as a child.

That day, we were also able to visit Portscatho and the lovely shop I've seen here at The Mermaids Tale. Link

Do you like the little bottle I bought there? Naughty of me....but it did happen to be my birthday. I think I deserved a little treat.

We love Cornwall, but not for us are the bustling streets of St Ives, we love the quiet coves

From Aug 2011
and wild coasts

From Aug 2011

Not to mention the odd fishing village where we can usually be found wandering around, devouring the occasional roskilly's icecream.

From Aug 2011
Edit: I've not blogged for a couple of months now and hope to get back to blogging from now on. Things have been difficult at work recently, as I now have to do half of my hours at another location. This involves extra travelling and longer days for me, besides the disruption of being in another place learning another set up. I'm still trying to figure out if this move makes my job more or less vulnerable and as you can appreciate it has been quite a worry for me. As I like my blog to be my 'happy' place as opposed to a 'gloomy' place like Eeyore's I thought it better to keep out of the blogging world for a while, and although I haven't felt able to comment on blogs, you can rest assured that I've been reading blogs avidly to cheer myself up. Hopefully, normal service has been resumed.