Sunday, 12 July 2009


Oh I've missed being here the past couple of weeks. There has been dirt and chaos everywhere! Never mind, all that remains to do in the bathroom is the electrical work and then we can paint and most importantly I can titivate. I'm not sure of the correct spelling of titivate - but I like titivating when I get chance and there hasn't been the opportunity to do that in the past few weeks. The guys doing the work in the bathroom have been great workers and also made themselves at home. Their first job in the morning was to boil the kettle ready for coffee!

My refuge from all the mess has been my little shed at the bottom of the garden where I've been able to sit and read my magazines and my latest book 'the Shadow of the Wind' by Carlos Ruiz Zafon - It's one of those books you really really don't want to put down and I know I'll really feel bereft when it's finished. A couple of weeks ago I discovered a great new shop in a local village called 'Talulah & Blouwsie' - I nearly fainted with excitement and pleasure - in fact I had to go in twice just to take it all in. Next time I go I might pluck up courage to ask if I can take a few photos. It was crammed full of vintage loveliness, old and new items that made me wish I could take you all shopping with me. There was jewellery, French storage jars, vintage clothing, linens and more - it was heaven on earth. I was very controlled (well I did have Mr Funky with me) and bought just the one item - this pretty, sparkly, girly, crystal necklace.

I couldn't put it down for days. I unwrapped it from it's pink spotted tissue paper, wrapped it back up again, decided I needed to look at it lovingly and unwrapped it yet again. Just look at all the pretttiness going on with the light reflecting all those colours. Mom-in-Law got to hear about my excitement for this wonderful shop and ecstay of ecstacies - she produced all of this gorgeousness for me. This time, a double row of crystals

and three sets of pearls, which belonged to Mr Funky's grandmas and an aunt.

There was also this piece which looks very modern I think but is definitely a vintage necklace. I am so lucky and I can't wait to wear them. I love the ones from my new favourite shop but don't you think it's even better to make use of something that a member of the family has treasured?