Sunday, 28 March 2010

Anniversary Giveaway

Another date has passed me by without realising. It's been two years this month since I began blogging. It would be lovely if I could share afternoon tea or morning coffee with all the lovely bloggers I've 'met' over the past two years, who at times really make my day and certainly bring a smile and a giggle now and then. To celebrate, I'm giving away the Cath Kidston mug in the above photograph. If you would like to enter please leave a comment on this post by midnight on Easter Sunday and I'll announce the winner the following week. The winner will be drawn at random but to make it interesting for me, I would like to know if you are a tea or coffee drinker and what is your favourite blend. Are you a delicate Darjeeling girl or do you like a more gutsy builders tea?

Do you remember my last post, when I thought I had found some gorgeous wallpaper from CK that was just right for my bedroom? Well, just as I thought. I can't afford it! Lovely Hen from the Henhouse popped over to tell me that it is a hundred and fifty quid a roll! Rip off! As usual in this house, it's a case of 'Harrod's taste...Woolworth's money' and it's back to the drawing board.

Mind you, I think either of these two lovelies would be great in my bedroom. Samples are hanging on the wall as I write. It will take me several weeks to decide which I like best. Then a few more weeks to get round to starting the work. However, we have set a target date.....the beginning of the World Cup will mean a month sat in front of the t.v. agonising over every free kick and corner England take and everything else will take second place until after finals day. So it has to completed in time for kick-off of the first game. I'm so sad to get excited about it all I suppose - but I can't help myself, I still love my football. I'm just crossing everything in the hope that Rooney stays fit!

The upturn in the weather and the fast approach of Easter really does give me a lift, as does seeing this pretty wreath on the kitchen door. I love the colours associated with Easter - they help me look forward to summer, warmth and blue skies......I think we deserve some, don't you?

Flowers are certain to lift my spirits and I cannot bear the house to be without a few blooms

and with the onset of spring, there is so much more choice to buy in the shops.

I just like to buy what takes my fancy on the day

but I especially love the cottage garden flowers that I associate with English gardens. The garden is beginning to come to life again and shoots are poking their heads through the warm soil ready for flowering in May and June.

Until then this pot of Primulas will give some cheerful colour. I've got a couple of days at work next week then a week's holiday - my first in six months. I will be really lazy and get up late and eat lots of chocolate. (Nothing new there then).

Giveaway kindly sponsored by Mr F.

Monday, 8 March 2010

I Want Kirstie's Frock

Yesterday I popped into Waitrose to buy a couple of things that had been forgotten and were needed for the weekend. Whilst there I picked up a free copy of the John Lewis magazine. I usually like a leisurely browse through this over a cup of coffee after the rigours of the supermarket. You know the sort of thing....admiring the flawless finish of the room sets, wondering my house looks more like the SAS has been camped here for a week and not tidied up after themselves before they left. I do like to look at the latest kitchen kit before I decide that perhaps I'll make do with my trusty stove top coffee maker rather than the latest superdooper coffee machine that does everything except wash itself up and only costs two hundred pounds. I do also enjoy the fashion shoots, I marvel at the skinniness of the models and think perhaps I might not eat that fourth chocolate digestive after all.

However, this month's fashion has left me cold...instead I've been drooling over Kirstie Allsopp's frock. Yes, it was an interesting interview but just look at the frock. Isn't it gorgeous and I want it NOW. Forget all those anorexic models in the latest designer labels, this is the dress for me. All flowery and vintagey and such gorgeous colours. I think I need to aim for this look this summer. Oh dear, I bet it's either proper vintage or a costly designer label. Time for me to dream on I think.

I've also been drooling over this gorgeous wallpaper featured in the latest CK catalogue. It's not on the website yet and I know it would be just the thing as a feature wall in my bedroom. This has also given me the idea of painting my existing pine furniture to a distressed off white. Do you think this would work? Anyhow, it's all up in the air at the moment - the wallpapers on the CK website range from twenty odd pounds up to on hundred and fifty. So, as usual I'm hoping my taste isn't outstripping my budget and my fingers remain strictly crossed in the hope that I'll be able to afford it.

With the return of the sunshine I suddenly feel more positive and energised and I am loving the colour that is returning to our lives along with the light. Bright, cheery flowers

and even my favourite magazines are joining in this colour fest. I just love the cover of this month's Country Homes and Interiors.

My charity shop finds with their delicate pinks and greens

are also telling me that Spring is just around the corner and that days will lengthen and strengthen in warmth and that with it, we will be able to have more garden living, walks and days in the countryside. Heaven.