Friday, 23 May 2008


I've been busy this week, spending an extra day at work. The extra money will be very nice but it has thrown my routine out of the window. It means that I haven't had any time to prepare anything new for the blog. However, I do have a few garden photographs taken over the last fortnight. The gorgeous weather we had a couple of weeks ago seemed to bring everything into life (not least this gardener who doesn't venture into the garden if it is cold or wet.)Hope you enjoy them.Make sure you you have a good holiday weekend despite the poor weather forecast.

Sunday, 18 May 2008


A while ago I posted a photograph of some buttons that I'd bought in Church Stretton and said that I'd show you what I was going to do with them. Well, here they are - no longer buttons but jewellery.

And in good old Blue Peter tradition - here are some that I made earlier.

I was hoping that someone with a younger, less scrawny neck than mine would model the necklaces but as I couldn't afford a fee I had to model them myself. I must have looked a complete idiot standing in the garden changing necklaces and having my photo taken (which I HATE anyway). At least Rob looked just as silly taking the photos. I'm sorry that the red and black necklace looks blurred but I guess you get the idea of what it looks like.

Friday, 9 May 2008


I received these gorgeous GreenGate tins in the post yesterday. I'm already having trouble deciding what is going in which tin. These are my first GreenGate purchase but I daresay they won't be the last. Their designs are so individual and easily recognisable. I have to say (takes a deep breath and hopes everyone won't hate me) but I don't really get the whole Cath Kidston thing. Don't get me wrong - the designs are very pretty - but you can buy very similar products far more cheaply that look just as good. However, GreenGate - well that just seems to light my candle and I have to admit to being a big Emma Bridgewater and Nicholas Mosse fan. Well there we are I'm out of the closet - will anyone ever read my blog again?

Monday, 5 May 2008

Rain, gardens and folk music

This weekend the weather has been mild but wet in the Midlands. However, we weren't going to let the rain spoil the break for us. On Friday we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary with an evening spent with friends at the local folk club. Our old friend Trevor performed(playing Mandolin and Banjo) with his band 'Nothing to Prove' and their set included traditional folk, music written by the band themselves and even some Seth Lakeman. Despite rain all morning on Sunday we did have a wonderful afternoon visiting the gardens at Morville Hall near Much Wenlock. Morville Hall is owned by the National Trust and at present is split into six dwellings and gardens (the largest of which is open to the public by appointment). However, Morville is really well known for the gardens belonging to the smaller Dower House. The garden was created by a lady called Katherine Swift and her book 'The Morville Hours' telling her story of the gardens is published today and Katherine herself is reading extracts as Book of the Week on Radio 4. (if you've missed it I thoroughly recommend catching up with the story on IPlayer) . Unusually, this weekend all six of the gardens were open to the public, all of them very different in size and style. I hope the photographs give you a flavour of their diversity and character.

No 1 The Gate House

No 2 The Gate House

The Dower House

The Cottage

Morville Hall

South Pavillion

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bishops Castle

I haven't been able to blog for what seems like ages. Yet another virus! So at last the computer is working again and I thought I 'd share some photos with you of Bishops Castle in Shropshire. Although tiny, it has a good range of shops including a clock repairer, an excellent deli and a second hand bookshop that also serves tea and cakes. (What more could any girl want!). It is also incredibly pretty.

We took a clock to be repaired, so in a few weeks time we will have to take another trip there to collect it. What hardship! We returned home via Church Stretton but I'll save pictures for another time, although I thought you might like to see our puchases from both towns.

Rob collects the Observer series of books and I just couldn't resist the old cotton reel. As for the buttons
I'll show you what I do with those in a future post.