Thursday, 21 August 2008

All Roads Lead to Gweek!

Well, despite the weather we still enjoyed our holiday in Cornwall. Actually, it could have been worse - we might have gone on holiday this week instead! We took so many photographs that I can't possibly put them all into one post and so I'm going to have to spread them out over a couple instead. Our favourite piece of Cornwall is the Lizard Peninsular, a mixture of soft green countryside and gentle creeks contrasting with the rugged cliffs and dramatic Atlantic with its busy shipping lanes into Falmouth. As soon as I reach our little coastal village all my worries are just lifted away as I sit on its pebbly beach and watch the blinking light of St Anthony's Head lighthouse keeping the container ships and little sailing boats safe from the clutches of The Manacles and other treacherous rocks lurking beneath the surface of the sea. This is the little lane where I begin to forget all my little troubles.

And as we reach the bottom of the lane this is the view that greets us every year.

Then it's up the hill to our home for the week.

We've been here so many times now that the owners greet us like old friends and Rob and Josh sometimes accompany Steve on fishing trips out of Helford into the bay. Below are a few more pictures of the village taken throughout the week.

The Cornish also have a new highly technical method of weather forecasting.

I'll post some more holiday pictures later. I've been a very lucky lady this week. Jayne at Country Cottage Chic and Deb at This Vintage life have both given me this award.

They both have gorgeous blogs, so please give them a visit if you haven't already. I now have to pass the award on to 7 other gorgeous blogs. It is very difficult to choose and I love all of them for different reason - one was probably the first blog I read, others such as Louise have been very supportive of a new blogger with positive comments and a couple more are new blogs to me but have grabbed my attention.

Curlew Country
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By the way - we didn't actually stay in Gweek. It's just that every signppost you see says Gweek two and three quarter miles even though you might have travelled ten miles along the lanes from the last signpost.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Mine at last!

More than two weeks into the school holidays and I can claim the computer as mine for an hour or so whilst Josh is out with friends. He has spent a lot of time out of the house playing but when he's home - I just can't get near the computer. Usually, I sneak onto my account for a few minutes when he's on his mobile or a friend has appeared at the door. He took a photograph for his MSN account today and will be really mad if he finds out that I've published it on the blog - but here goes.

After twelve months at 'big' school he has changed dramatically. He no longer likes to buy his clothes from Next but prefers a Slipknot or Kurt Cobain t-shirt, his haircut is very grown-up and in another year will certainly be as tall as I am. He is as gorgeous as ever but I do miss the days when he used to toddle around the garden with his bubble blowing lawn mower! We haven't been out and about much in the past couple of weeks and this next week will be busy preparing for our trip to the Lizard but I can show you some photographs of Much Wenlock. Small but perfectly formed it is one of my very favourite places with its mixture of architecture and its village atmosphere.

This is my very favourite shop Wenlock Books. I like it best on a winter afternoon when you can wander in from the cold into its warmth and glorious comfort. The owner is quite happy for you to settle yourself down in a chair to browse the stock at your leisure. Upstairs are the secondhand books and a small but eclectic selection of CDs, a gorgeous oak table where you can sit and read the newspapers provided or enjoy a warming cup of tea and cake.

It's always tempting to linger and spend money here but there is also the lovely Ippikin just across the road.

Ippikin sells knitting yarns and items that have already been knitted and made up, such as bags, jackets and the funkiest tea cosies that you have ever seen.

Here are a few more images of shops and houses in Wenlock. Hope you enjoy them!

Finally, I have to say a big thank you to Steph at Curlew Country and to Sue at Vintage to Victorian for giving me my first blogging awards. Thank you both so much ladies - I now put them on my blog with great pride.