Monday, 30 May 2011

He's Gone....

Oh yes....he's gone. Saturday morning Teenage Boy met his friends at school and boarded the coach for the long journey to the south of France. To the Ardeche to be precise. He doesn't look that excited in this photograph, taken just before we drove to school. But I think that's just his aversion to having his' boring' parents taking 'boring' photographs. We waited a while whilst everyone was checked in at school and luggage loaded. And watched the scramble for seats, only to see them all get off the coach again because they had forgotten something, or because Mom and Dad needed to check something before finally sending them off on their week long adventure.

Not to mention the comedic scenes as teenage boys ducked and dived and in some cases ran to avoid giving their parents a hug before leaving. Mr. F. proffered a hand in case Teenage Boy prefered a handshake to the much wanted hug....I'm pleased to say, we both got our hug. And now he is in the Ardeche, jumping into raging rivers from the top of cliffs, canoeing dangerous rapids and later in the week moving on to the mediterranean coast, windsurfing and sailing in dangerous tidal waters. I know it's true........I saw the video of last year's trip. So this week, I shall spend he eating? did I pack the right clothing? will he hurt himself jumping into that damned river? Who'd be a mom? Do you worry about your kids constantly, or are you able to be laid back and say ....wahtever? Mr F. has plans to keep me occupied this week and I think that will be the best therapy.

I might get around to planting my new baskets and herbs
From May11

and relax in the garden if this rain ever stops.

We could do a spot of salvage hunting

From May11
Or visit some beautiful houses and gardens.... and eat cake. Yes that might stop me worrying. What do you do to stop worrying and relax?