Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Guess Where I've Been

Things I love about Cornwall.....

Pretty Cottages.

Boats and Gigs

The Eden Project

Trips along the Helford

Did I mention the shops?

Historic places.

Sandy beaches that stretch on forever.

Pebbles that make the most wonderful sound beneath your feet.

Tall ships

Caravans at Roskilly's.

Even these noisy, cheeky things.

And of course...this

Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Holiday I Forgot

I was tidying up my Picasa files this morning when I realised that I'd forgottten to post the last pictures of our holiday in Cumbria in May this year. If I don't do it now, I'll have another stash to show you from Cornwall in a few weeks time. One of the places I really wanted to visit was Blackwell, an arts and crafts house overlooking Winderemere. When we visited it was a dull misty morning and I don't think shows the house's exterior looking its best. Of course I couldn't take pictures inside the house - but for anyone who likes the William Morris or arts and crafts designs - you would love this.

Have a look here for some interior shots of the house http://www.blackwell.org.uk/visitor-information-0 .

Josh, dearly wanted a boat trip and he chose Coniston for that. I was bit disappointed by the village itself......it was a bit touristy, but we did find a few nice views to share with you.

Looking for somewhere interesting to take your dog?

We were lucky to have a trip on Gondola - the boat owned by The National Trust. Here she is dressed in her fashionable Union flags. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Our last day in Cumbria meant a trip to our favourite, the loveliest of the larger lakes - Ullswater. It is always so beautiful here. That day was sunny with the sun to warm us and make us feel drowsy after our picnic but it I've seen it look equally as beautiful with the clouds rolling among the fells and the rain blowing into our faces as we climbed higher and higher into mystical fells.

An afternoon drive through lanes of rugged dry-stone walls

led us to Ambleside. Again, a bit too touristy for my tastes but we did enjoy seeing this old vehicle brightening up the scenery

Then it was back to our cottage, to spend our last cosy evening and look forward to our next visit.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Bathroom Reveal & Mr Funky's Giveaway

Mr Funky finished painting the bathroom yesterday and I've spent part of this morning titivating and tweaking and probably will be titivating and tweaking all week as I decide exactly where everything should go.

Because the room is so small it has been very difficult to take photos to show it and I'm not really satisfied with my efforts. Nevermind, I've had a go. I'm just so relieved to see the back of all that peach that was in there previously.

There isn't really too much to say about such a very tiny space, so come and have a visual tour with me instead.

Look carefully and you'll see me and camera lens!

Thanks for joining me on the tour. Now, onto Mr Funky's giveaway. Mr F went shopping alone a week or two ago and came home with the soaps pictured above, as well as a set of handbag sized tubes of handcream. Lovley man that he is he also bought a set for you

...........well one of you at least. If you'd like these for yourself just leave a comment on this post and Mr F will pick a name from the hat to find the winner. I'll leave this giveaway open for the whole of August. I know many people are taking holidays and I'm finding it difficult to get computer time as Master Funky and teenage friends fill the spare bedroom in an attempt to take over the world via X-Box Live. I'll name the winner at the beginning of September, though I do hope to be blogging sporadically during August.