Monday, 26 September 2011

Summer's End

From Aug 2011
From Aug 2011
Summer's End? Well, not quite it seems. We have summer's final fling on the way and it's due to last until the weekend. After, the darkness and rain of yesterday the sun has returned today with that gentle warmth it usually posesses in September. Light and sunshine are making my bargain flowers look even more spectacular. Only two pounds for all of them from Bridgnorth market. You wouldn't find that in the supermarket now would you?

From Aug 2011
There won't be many more opportunities to buy such luscious bunches thoughas the garden flowers of summer and autumn give way to those that can be grown cheaply in greenhouses. Nevermind, I'm making the most of this gorgeousness whilst I can.

Mr F. and I recently treated ourselves to a day out in Ledbury. One of my favourite shops Hus & Hem has moved into larger premises and was full of wonderful, funky Scandinavian design. I couldn't resist these hand blocked tea towels. I loved the big bold design of this green one

or the colours in this purple one.

From MAR2012
I neeeeeed them in my life. I must be such a sad, boring person to get so excited about a couple of tea towels, but they are another of my 'one weaknesses'. If I see a nice tea towel....then I've got to have it.......because I neeeeeeed it in my life. I'm not fussy, they can be be floral or stripy, bright and bold or pale and subtle, but if it grabs me...I've got to have it. Please tell me, do I need help, or does anyone else have this strange addiction? What is yur 'one weakness'? OOh! They are one of the few things I enjoy ironing too, there's nothing like the satisfacti0n of a pile of neatly folded freshly ironed tea towels. I think I'd better end my post there.....before my ramble degenerates any further. Have a good week everyone and enjoy the sunshine whilst you can.
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