Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Good Friday

On Good Friday we woke up to hail and snow in the West Midlands. It was short-lived though and didn't stop us going out for breakfast in Bridgnorth. We love this little town around 13 miles away from us with its old buildings, antique shops and of course the cliff railway. There is a lovely tearoom housed in the winding house of the cliff railway which does a very good breakfast! You can also watch the machinery that operates these two carriages that connect the Low Town to the High Town.

I did manage to control myself and not spend too much money. Then it was back home for a nice cup of tea and a warm in front of the fire.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter Tree

I've given in this year and bought an Easter tree. I used to use willow branches to hang our decorations on. We kept those branches for years and also used them to hang skeletons at Halloween and icicles at Christmas. Dust and damage has finally done away with those branches and I haven't seen any suitable replacements yet. This little tree was in The Pier and I thought it looked quite appealing. Sadly, many of the decorations are shop bought as our stocks of home-made ones have depleted over the years. When my son was very small he used to love painting the eggs with me although I think we smashed more than completed! Now at the very sophisticated age of 12 he doesn't want to paint eggs with his Mom. Painting Warhammer models is much more appealing!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

First time

After reading all of the wonderful blogs I've discovered in the past few months I've decided to create my own. It is quite scary so I will begin in a small way by showing you a vase of flowers. Even though it's cold and raining outside these make me think that spring is not really very far away. Now excuse me while I go and put the kettle on and go and settle down to watch an old black and white film with Alistair Sim and George Cole. (I might just break into that bar of Green and Blacks too....)