Friday, 8 January 2010

Necessary Things

This week has seen young Master Funky do a total of three hours at school. The rest of the week has been spent sledging, sliding on the ice, having snowball fights. All of which I am certain are far more dangerous than walking up the hill (or slight incline) to school. I'm sure I went to school in the snow, but then, that was in nineteen hundred and frozen to death! Maybe I'm getting old and grumpy or maybe it's just this snow and ice. There are certain things I need during this cold weather that I really need to make it bearable. Of course we all need wellies

glamorous aren't they? But some funky welly socks does make wearing them a bit more fun.

I'm also certain that this scarf is snugglier because it's funky and silly.

A cosy bed, with crisp bedlinen is a must.

As are colourful warm blankets.

Skin needs some special treats

and a mug of G&B hot chocolate is made more delicious with the addition of glorious pink and white marshmallows

once I've chosen from a selection of favourite mugs.

A good selection of magazines is sure to give me that feel good factor with elevenses.

As will a teetering pile of books for the afternoon (unless there's a good play on the radio).

Of course, you do need that special place to sit and read.

There are also those times when you really need a cosy, snuggly dvd, with costume, romance, nostalgia... or just simply Richard Armitage.

I'd love to know what you do to keep going through this really awful cold snap. I'm off for lunch in front of a roaring fire now before I prepare a beef in ale casserole for tea. I'm at work tomorrow, so it looks like a slippery, slidy walk to the railway station for me. Have a good, warm and safe weekend everyone.