Friday, 8 January 2010

Necessary Things

This week has seen young Master Funky do a total of three hours at school. The rest of the week has been spent sledging, sliding on the ice, having snowball fights. All of which I am certain are far more dangerous than walking up the hill (or slight incline) to school. I'm sure I went to school in the snow, but then, that was in nineteen hundred and frozen to death! Maybe I'm getting old and grumpy or maybe it's just this snow and ice. There are certain things I need during this cold weather that I really need to make it bearable. Of course we all need wellies

glamorous aren't they? But some funky welly socks does make wearing them a bit more fun.

I'm also certain that this scarf is snugglier because it's funky and silly.

A cosy bed, with crisp bedlinen is a must.

As are colourful warm blankets.

Skin needs some special treats

and a mug of G&B hot chocolate is made more delicious with the addition of glorious pink and white marshmallows

once I've chosen from a selection of favourite mugs.

A good selection of magazines is sure to give me that feel good factor with elevenses.

As will a teetering pile of books for the afternoon (unless there's a good play on the radio).

Of course, you do need that special place to sit and read.

There are also those times when you really need a cosy, snuggly dvd, with costume, romance, nostalgia... or just simply Richard Armitage.

I'd love to know what you do to keep going through this really awful cold snap. I'm off for lunch in front of a roaring fire now before I prepare a beef in ale casserole for tea. I'm at work tomorrow, so it looks like a slippery, slidy walk to the railway station for me. Have a good, warm and safe weekend everyone.


Sarah said...

Love the selection of mugs. I've taken to wearing some very strange coloured socks at the moment - at least noone sees them!

Andi's English Attic said...

Just reading your post has made me feel SOOOOO cosy. I love the socks and the hat and the red spotty mug and the....
I'm afraid I take the opposite view about school. I told my kids that if I was headmistress I'd let them play in the snow all day instead of doing lessons and I'd let them have the day off when it was their birthday. And I'd ban shirt and tie for school uniform and design a uniform that was more relaxed. Sadly, I'm not the headmistress so GET DRESSED AND GO TO SCHOOL!!!!

Kate said...

You really do seem to have got cosied up down there - careful or you won't want to move. You didn't mention the hot water bottle; they're fairly "funky" and certainly a necessity in this household. Our children are back to school (no closures here, despite the snow, ice and freezing temperatures) so my husband (working from home) and I decamp to the top of the house where it's warmest.

Keep warm
Kate x

Simone said...

I am in agreement with all your 'necessary things'. I think I would add lighting scented candles to the list.

smiffy66 said...

That cup of hot chocolate looks to die for, it really does. I also like the nice clean bed with crisp ironed sheets (that reminds me of when I was a little girl at home:). When it's cold I like to curl up in front of the fire with Poirot or Miss Marple on the TV,a frothy coffee and a box of chilled orange matchmakers that I can chomp on! Take care. Sue

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

I agree with all of your comments and pictures, as Flo and I do very much the same. Beautiful clean, crisp bedlinen is probably number one though.
I have found some fantastic (washable)sheepskin bootliners that make your wellies really cosy (the Sheepskin shop, Brixham)and only £1.50 per pair - FANTASTIC!
Keep warm Tracey
...and yes we did get up and go to school in the "olden days"

Sal said...

Oooh that all looks wonderful!
Have a great weekend...and keep warm!

Tabiboo said...

Yes, yes, yes to all of the above and most of that in the warmer months too!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina x

Andrea said...

Ha Ha, Traceys' Boot Liners sound fab don't they?! I too love the Crisp cleanliness of new cotton sheets on the bed, however last night hubby did ask if we had any flannelette ones!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've totally enjoyed this lovely, beautiful homely post. It's made me feel all warm and happy :o)
Our village is pretty snowed in and all the local children are loving it.
Andi's comment made me laugh :o)
Hope You have a nice week, looks like You are all set up to deal with whatever the weather throws at us. I do Love all those cosy photographs, they are all gorgeous, particularly the blankets and mugs.

xxx Sumea

Curlew Country said...

Oooh how fabulously cosy! My pile of neccessary things are so very similar to yours; even down to some of the mugs and books (just finished the Morville Hours and I'm still in awe!).

I do love your welly socks, hat and scarf. I love the bleak and monochrome landscape we've got at teh moment but jolly splashes of colour make the contrast even more wonderful.

Stay cosy and have a lovely weeked.
Stephxx (so glad you liked the little tray cloth, my pleasure, hope you had a wonderful Christmas.)



Rosie said...

What a wonderful array of delighful necessary things - just right for this weather - just reading has made me feel warm and cosy:)

Pipany said...

Such a lovely post with pretty images. I'll take it all please! x

Clare said...

Hi Tracey, I agree - I don't remember having a day off from school when it snowed! Lots of lovely photos here! I have been keeping warm wrapping orders - and drinking plenty of coffee and hot chocolate (in a Vintage Home mug though! ;-) Keep warm and cosy, hope your walk to the station wasn't too slippy! Clare x

Gillian L. said...

My favourite way of getting through a cold snap is first baking something quite brownies with icing, then making hot tea, sitting down beside a hot fire, blanket, book, brownies in hand...and the company of my cat, dog and family. It is bliss just thinking of it. Your blog is quite lovely!


Country Style Living said...

Loving your blog Looks really cosy Just how a home should look, bright cheerful and lived in!

Renee said...

I love the container you have your eggs in! Along with all the fantastic mugs.So! PRETTY :)

Anonymous said...

Helloooo 'twas thinking of You :o)

Hope all is well x

Wishing You a Lovely weekend xxx


痛苦 said...

很棒的分享~留言支持! .........................................

Catherine said...

I feel so cosy and not a little bit envious!

JuicyFig said...

wonderful - next time it snows, I am coming round to your house!