Friday, 20 November 2009


This is the usual scene on Friday mornings as I return from the shops. Bags and bags of shopping - and these are just the things I can't get when we do our big shop at the supermarket. At least the bags are cheery and never fail to provoke comment from other shoppers or assistants in the shops. This morning's comment was from a pretty young lady selling copies of The Big Issue and yes, she was right, they are pretty. It sounds very silly but they do make the shopping trip a little more enjoyable. Fridays usually follow a particular pattern and I can't wait to get home and put the kettle on and sit down for a few quiet moments with a magazine before the shopping is put away.

I couldn't resist buying these pretty little lights today and think they look mighty fine wrapped around the wirework heart on the kitchen door. The only problem is that it does look a bit Christmassy - and the C word isn't allowed around here until December. Never mind, they make the kitchen feel cosy and I like cosy.

However, last Friday didn't follow this familiar pattern - I went somewhere posh! Can you remember my post about a special day in the spring when I spent a lovely day with friends at Coughton Court? Well, we've sort of had our Christmas outing early! None of us enjoy the usual work dos at this time of year. Restaurants overbook, there are large, rowdy crowds and the food is usually inedible. We decided that we deserved to be thoroughly spoiled and we certainly were - here at Brockencote Hall. Sadly, it wasn't snowing whilst we were there

it looked more like this

We all put our glad rags on. Do you like my velvet coat? It was it's first outing and I really enjoyed wearing it.

We were looked after so well and felt so pampered, no wonder this Friday feels very routine. I've got a couple of thank yous to make today. Firstly to Vicki at Anglesey Allsorts for the wonderful buttons and lace she sent me.

And also to Hannah at Lou Lou Loves Vintage for her lovely giveaway. The chocolate coins didn't last long Hannah - but I'm still enjoying the other things!

Monday, 9 November 2009

No Time For Blogging

I can't believe that I haven't had time to blog at all during October. I think that it has been a combination of decorating, half-term(not getting to the computer) and Josh being ill. I think that I've just about got rid of the dust after the kitchen refit and I feel ready to go again. Blogging wise that is. I still can't comprehend the disruption caused by re-fitting such a tiny space but at last I seem to have conquered the dust and hopefully I'm back now and can spend more time with my lovely bloggers. The kitchen is now complete, except that I haven't chosen a blind for the window yet. I am trying to be tidy but I know that the clutter and charity shop finds will find their way back in there but I just can't cope with minimalism. There is no particular theme for my post today, so I'll just show you a few things we've been upto. Well, there was a bit of baking over half-term week.

There were a few decorations for Halloween.

I've started collecting the Christmas editions of my favourite magazines.(Yes, I am still a magazineaholic).

I've also been very naughty and bought some new cookery books. (I think I ought to own up to the fact I am a bookaholic). I do love watching Hugh FW and believe he's back on t.v. on Thursday evening with a new River Cottage series - pure comfort t.v. for me.

Today, I'm cosying up in front of the fire

enjoying using my new favourite mug. (Yes, I am a mugaholic too). Perhaps I ought to show you my collection one day!

This Saturday was an incredibly important one for Mr F. His football team reached the 1st Round of the F.A Cup for the first time in their 133 year history. Not only that but it was a home tie against the mighty Walsall, five divisions above us.

However, a trip to Wembley is not to be this year, as we lost the game 1-0. Perhaps next year will be The Glassboys turn for glory. Oh, yes and Mr F. was able to buy a commemorative mug for the occasion. I'm sure you'll be disappointed to know that I couldn't photograph it today as it is sitting proudly in his lunchbox as a reminder of Stour's glorious cup run!