Monday, 9 November 2009

No Time For Blogging

I can't believe that I haven't had time to blog at all during October. I think that it has been a combination of decorating, half-term(not getting to the computer) and Josh being ill. I think that I've just about got rid of the dust after the kitchen refit and I feel ready to go again. Blogging wise that is. I still can't comprehend the disruption caused by re-fitting such a tiny space but at last I seem to have conquered the dust and hopefully I'm back now and can spend more time with my lovely bloggers. The kitchen is now complete, except that I haven't chosen a blind for the window yet. I am trying to be tidy but I know that the clutter and charity shop finds will find their way back in there but I just can't cope with minimalism. There is no particular theme for my post today, so I'll just show you a few things we've been upto. Well, there was a bit of baking over half-term week.

There were a few decorations for Halloween.

I've started collecting the Christmas editions of my favourite magazines.(Yes, I am still a magazineaholic).

I've also been very naughty and bought some new cookery books. (I think I ought to own up to the fact I am a bookaholic). I do love watching Hugh FW and believe he's back on t.v. on Thursday evening with a new River Cottage series - pure comfort t.v. for me.

Today, I'm cosying up in front of the fire

enjoying using my new favourite mug. (Yes, I am a mugaholic too). Perhaps I ought to show you my collection one day!

This Saturday was an incredibly important one for Mr F. His football team reached the 1st Round of the F.A Cup for the first time in their 133 year history. Not only that but it was a home tie against the mighty Walsall, five divisions above us.

However, a trip to Wembley is not to be this year, as we lost the game 1-0. Perhaps next year will be The Glassboys turn for glory. Oh, yes and Mr F. was able to buy a commemorative mug for the occasion. I'm sure you'll be disappointed to know that I couldn't photograph it today as it is sitting proudly in his lunchbox as a reminder of Stour's glorious cup run!


jo said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen. I too am decorating at the moment and don't seem to have time to blog (only read other peoples!).

Jo x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

I am sure your kitchen looks lovely now that its all done, its just getting there though isnt it.

Ahh magazine and bookaholic my kind of person, I am the same, though do try not to buy too many mags, just the odd one or two! lol.

Oh thanks for telling us about HFW being back on the telly, i love the river cottage series and you are right it is pure comfort t.v! I shall have to remember that for thursday. A big celebratory hurrah for you DH and his team.


Andi's English Attic said...

I think the kitchen is the worst room in the house to have refitted/decorated. It just distrupts the whole system. Still, all done now and I'm sure it looks great.
I bought that edition of Country Living simply for the photo of the dog on the front and then found out he was just an actor for the pic and not belonging to one of the houses featured. xx

Simone said...

It is lovely to see you back blogging! I too am addicted to magazines and books! Well done to the football team!

Sal said...

Shame about the footy! We (the great Torquay United !) got through to the next round but we have a tough away draw next!
Looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen!

Justine said...

Oh, I haven't got my copy of Country Living yet (have the other two safely stashed away), but will dash to Waitrose right now!

Is that a tin of Quality Street I see by the fire?! Looks like the perfect scene for a cosy day in.

Shabby Chick said...


You lucky thing having such a nice real fire! We have five fireplaces and not one of them working!!! Bet the kitchen looks gorgeous... but I can remember the horror of having the one in our old house done and that was pre kids as well lol.

Mel xxx

a mermaids purse said...

wow love your home really cozy looking ;0)...good luck with the kitchen ;0)xx beautiful blog ;0)x

Alchamillamolly said...

I need pictures of your kitchen - NOW!!!!I too have been a viewer and reader rather than a poster of blogs. We have almost done the bathroom after starting last December by having a leaky shower removed! The stair carpet and the cushionfloor in the bathroom finally go down next Tuesday and I am so excited.

JuicyFig said...

Ahhh, such is life, Kitchens, books and magazines...and charity shop find, knitting, sewing, decorating, and a lot of daydreaming...