Monday, 28 November 2011

The Civil Wars

I first heard The Civil Wars being interviewed on the radio one Monday morning. I heard a few bars of this track and had to dash upstairs to the computer to find it on You Tube. I then discovered that they were performing on Jools Hollland that week. It has been on constant replay ever since. I've asked Father Christmas to put a copy of the cd into my stocking. He does sometimes read this here's hoping.

It's certainly not my usual taste in music, but I've been blown away by them and have been watching many videos on You Tube, including a fantastic version of Billie Jean that they performed on Later... with Jools. Let me know what you think.

By the way....if you don't feel tempted to watch the of the duo is a dead ringer for Johnny Depp. I bet you'll watch it now! Roll on March when I'll be going to see them in Birmingham.