Friday, 9 May 2008


I received these gorgeous GreenGate tins in the post yesterday. I'm already having trouble deciding what is going in which tin. These are my first GreenGate purchase but I daresay they won't be the last. Their designs are so individual and easily recognisable. I have to say (takes a deep breath and hopes everyone won't hate me) but I don't really get the whole Cath Kidston thing. Don't get me wrong - the designs are very pretty - but you can buy very similar products far more cheaply that look just as good. However, GreenGate - well that just seems to light my candle and I have to admit to being a big Emma Bridgewater and Nicholas Mosse fan. Well there we are I'm out of the closet - will anyone ever read my blog again?



Of course we will continue to read your blog, life is so boring following the same thing. I don't own a single piece of Cath Kidston, there I have said it! I don't own a single piece of Emma Bridgewater either, shame on me! I am always on the lookout for pretty but practical prices. I do think these products are seriously overpriced, although I am not disputing they are lovely with it. I think I better stop now, otherwise there will be a revolt over on my blog. I do like the look of the GreenGate stuff, I am now off to investigate, I have already discovered Nicholas Mosse. x

Rosezilla said...

Ok, I'll step out there with you - I don't even know who Cath Kidston is! The tins you have look lovely, tho, kinda early 70's flower prints, and what's wrong with that!

RedFish said...

I completely agree with you and of course we will still read your blog. Every time I go into Cath Kidston to have a sniff around I feel as though my head might explode - it's pattern overload! I also saw some vintage crochet blankets in her shop a little while ago and had to sit down when I saw the price of them! I love these tins - they just make flapjacks taste so much better - I'm off now to investigate GreenGate and try very hard not to hit the "add to cart" button! see you soon. x

Lucy :: Attic24 said...

oh, I'm so glad you opened up your comments thing to non-Bloggers and I can leave a comment now - Thanks! :o)

I so feel the same as you re Cath Kidston etc, I like looking at her stuff but nothing ever really makes me want to buy it. But Greengate, ahhhh now thats completely different and I want EVEryThing! I have the exact same tins, and love them dearly.

Looking forward to hearing about your hols by the way, and thanks for your email xxxx

Sal said...

My sister gave me some of those tins for my last birthday..I was delighted ;-)