Friday, 23 May 2008


I've been busy this week, spending an extra day at work. The extra money will be very nice but it has thrown my routine out of the window. It means that I haven't had any time to prepare anything new for the blog. However, I do have a few garden photographs taken over the last fortnight. The gorgeous weather we had a couple of weeks ago seemed to bring everything into life (not least this gardener who doesn't venture into the garden if it is cold or wet.)Hope you enjoy them.Make sure you you have a good holiday weekend despite the poor weather forecast.



Have you been feeding your plants? They are blooming well and look so healthy. You must be able to smell the honeysuckle arch from your house. Your peony has beaten mine and you have many more flowers on your clematis, and you have some plants I haven't got. I hope I don't sound too disgruntled! Have a good weekend. x

prettyshabby said...

hello..I've finally got round to visiting you! I have been over before but probably didnt leave a message as I'm a wee bit scatty when it comes to that! what gorgeous garden pictures..your clematis looks really healthy,such a vivid colour too and as for that honeysuckle arch...lovely!!
Really like what you did with your button stash in the previous post..the wooden heart necklace is great.

Sal said...

What lovely photos..your Clematis is fabulous! Sal;-)