Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bishops Castle

I haven't been able to blog for what seems like ages. Yet another virus! So at last the computer is working again and I thought I 'd share some photos with you of Bishops Castle in Shropshire. Although tiny, it has a good range of shops including a clock repairer, an excellent deli and a second hand bookshop that also serves tea and cakes. (What more could any girl want!). It is also incredibly pretty.

We took a clock to be repaired, so in a few weeks time we will have to take another trip there to collect it. What hardship! We returned home via Church Stretton but I'll save pictures for another time, although I thought you might like to see our puchases from both towns.

Rob collects the Observer series of books and I just couldn't resist the old cotton reel. As for the buttons
I'll show you what I do with those in a future post.



Hi Funky Monkey. Thanks for the photos of Bishops Castle, we have yet to get to Shropshire and it looks like a very attractive place, will hopefully visit someday. Are those hearts a one off, they are lovely. x

RedFish said...

Hi well done for starting your blog - I took the plunge last week after nearly a year of toying with the idea - so good on you. What lovely finds, the mixing bowl looks as though it is crying out to be used and as for your wooden buttons what lovely colour, where did you get these from? Can't wait to see what you use them on. Look forward also to reading more of your adventures!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Thank you for visiting..and the tour.
I'm sure that is the closest I will ever get to England.


retrorose said...

Just read your blog. Love the earthenware pot at the end and the lovely blue mixing bowl. I have howled with laughter at the mom song. Not sure if I'll let my 7yr old see it. She hears most of it!

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a pretty town - no hardship being "forced" to go there again! You had some nice finds too.

Sal said...

I really like Shropshire.We stayed at a place called Clun, a few times... and I would love to go back !Sal;-)