Sunday, 28 March 2010

Anniversary Giveaway

Another date has passed me by without realising. It's been two years this month since I began blogging. It would be lovely if I could share afternoon tea or morning coffee with all the lovely bloggers I've 'met' over the past two years, who at times really make my day and certainly bring a smile and a giggle now and then. To celebrate, I'm giving away the Cath Kidston mug in the above photograph. If you would like to enter please leave a comment on this post by midnight on Easter Sunday and I'll announce the winner the following week. The winner will be drawn at random but to make it interesting for me, I would like to know if you are a tea or coffee drinker and what is your favourite blend. Are you a delicate Darjeeling girl or do you like a more gutsy builders tea?

Do you remember my last post, when I thought I had found some gorgeous wallpaper from CK that was just right for my bedroom? Well, just as I thought. I can't afford it! Lovely Hen from the Henhouse popped over to tell me that it is a hundred and fifty quid a roll! Rip off! As usual in this house, it's a case of 'Harrod's taste...Woolworth's money' and it's back to the drawing board.

Mind you, I think either of these two lovelies would be great in my bedroom. Samples are hanging on the wall as I write. It will take me several weeks to decide which I like best. Then a few more weeks to get round to starting the work. However, we have set a target date.....the beginning of the World Cup will mean a month sat in front of the t.v. agonising over every free kick and corner England take and everything else will take second place until after finals day. So it has to completed in time for kick-off of the first game. I'm so sad to get excited about it all I suppose - but I can't help myself, I still love my football. I'm just crossing everything in the hope that Rooney stays fit!

The upturn in the weather and the fast approach of Easter really does give me a lift, as does seeing this pretty wreath on the kitchen door. I love the colours associated with Easter - they help me look forward to summer, warmth and blue skies......I think we deserve some, don't you?

Flowers are certain to lift my spirits and I cannot bear the house to be without a few blooms

and with the onset of spring, there is so much more choice to buy in the shops.

I just like to buy what takes my fancy on the day

but I especially love the cottage garden flowers that I associate with English gardens. The garden is beginning to come to life again and shoots are poking their heads through the warm soil ready for flowering in May and June.

Until then this pot of Primulas will give some cheerful colour. I've got a couple of days at work next week then a week's holiday - my first in six months. I will be really lazy and get up late and eat lots of chocolate. (Nothing new there then).

Giveaway kindly sponsored by Mr F.


Sal said...

My diary will also be full of all the WC matches... and all socialising and going out on jollies will cease or failing that will just have to fit in around matches!!
Like you,I love all footy!
I have just watched one of my fave teams win at Wembley today!
Well done on your blog birthday!

Country Style Living said...

Love the blue wallpaper. We are all looking forward to the WC too. My lad has just come in, his team drew today...I would love to enter your lovely giveaway, my favourite cup of tea is Twinngs Breakfast blend, and as I drink black tea, I like it very weak...

lemonade kitty said...

My sister has the blue wallpaper in her bedroom and the wisteria I have in the back of the armoire but I put it on upside down!!! Please may I enter your giveaway for that lovely CK mug, I like english breakfast tea but if I win your mug I might try a strawberry tea to match. Lucey xx

charl said...

i really have to start my diet before the wc starts as once thats here it will be beer and crisps for most matches!!!!..
wallpaper is gorgeous.. its such a shame that things cost so much.. im with you on the harrods tastes woolworths money.. in my case id say aldi money!!!
flowers are gorgeous to .. i must start potting some nice bright flowers in my yard..makes such a difference doesnt it on gloomy days!

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous post!! i'm a world cup watcher too (that includes the ladies football world cup).
i'm mostly a herbal tea drinker and have a hot lemon and honey first thing each morning. but around 10 a.m. i relish a cup of twinnings breakfast tea with a little milk, no sugar.
warm congratulations on your 2nd blogiversary :o) hope there will be many more xxx i'll drink to that! (pushing the boat out with a belvoir elderflower presse ;o)
i love the mug, it would be perfect for my strawberry and mango brew x

sending many happy blogiversary hugs xxx


andamento said...

Nice mug! I'd love to enter your give-away even though I don't drink either tea or coffee - I claim not to be grown up enough yet! I'd use the mug for milk (full fat I'm afraid!) or the occasional hot chocolate.

Lovely flowers and nice jugs too, especially the little blue striped pottery one in the foreground.

Happy 2nd Blog Birthday!


Simone said...

Happy Anniversary! x

Simone said...

Happy Anniversary!

Amanda said...

A lovely giveaway, I hate tea, so I'm a coffee drinker. My dad blames my mum for not 'making' me drink it when I was young. He is a retired builder, say no more, they have tea running through their veins!

magsmcc said...

Dear Funky Monkey, I'm going to request sycophantically to be included in your muggy giveaway, as delightfully tasteful and inspirational as your own charming blog! My friend received a lovely matching teapot for Mother's day and I could give her the mug for her approaching birthday!! xxx

Andi's English Attic said...

You've given me two pieces of shocking news in this post:
1) HOW MUCH? I think even if I could afford it, I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for wallpaper. What a shame it's so expensive. Perhaps someone will do a very close and cheaper copy soon.
2) It's the world cup this year? No one told me. I need to be warned about these things. I need to resign myself to not seeing my husband for the duration. Ah well, I guess I'll get more craft work/decorating done during that time. xx

Louise said...

I'd choose the blue lilac wallpaper, it's very pretty. I've hyacinths in our front porch, don't they just smell lovely. Yes, I want a few jobs finished, before the World Cup starts! Congratulations on two years of blogging, I must say a lovely giveaway. I enjoy coffee as much as tea. I drink instant (Carte Noire Expresso), cafetiere coffee (any strong No 5 blend), and Kenco Cappio (when I'm feeling lazy), and on a work day lunchtime I have a cappuchino in a cafe. I use teabags (any strong blend). x

gill said...

i love all things ck but only coffee for me!! strong with just a dash of milk
i love that wallpaper but not the price still there's no harm in dreaming!!

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

HI there, I love the wallpapers, personally I think CK sometimes suffers from overkill! Had you thought about looking for original vintage paper online?
Unfortunatly I don't like footy at all, but have promised to have at least one bbq/footy afternoon with Michaels friends (he is also crossing everything for Mr Potato Head to be fit), I do think that it is a shame about Beckham and Defoe.
Anyway back to more interesting things, I am still compiling my reply to my lovely award, the amount of time that it is taking it will have to be brill! Quite a bit of my time at the moment has been taken up driving around promoting our Vintage fair, and trying to buy stock for our pop-up vintage store, which will open in the summer.
As for tea.... I recently bought some camomile,lavender & lime green tea to try and wean me off strong builders tea with a tiny dash of skimmed, but the box remains unopened! I will probably end up giving it to a more virtuous friend like I did with the last lot!
Lovely to see your blog this morning, it saves buying a mag!
Have a lovely week off
Tracey X

a mermaids purse said...

such a heavenly post of all things bright and beautiful ;0)xx
love the wall paper design- very beautiful. i keep drinking the 'whittards' christmas tea i bought in november!!- but its so heavenly smelling and gives me a little well needed boost in the mornings ;0) happy blogiversary!!! xxxx many more happy posts xxxx

LissyLou said...

Those flowers have brightened my day!!! just lovely

That wall much????

Happy blogiversary to you and thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway....i hate coffee and i'm a bit fussy with tea (Hot choccie is what is normally in my mugs).
I do drink tea every so often though...normally yorkshire tea or tetley with soya milk (i like my tea quite weak too)and lots of biccies!!!!

Mrs M said...

Happy blog-aversary!!
I love the blue wall paper - would love to see what you decide.
Not sure if I am allowed to enter the giveaway as I am an 'international' .... but just in case, I love love LOVE twinings lady grey tea. Discovered when we lived 5 years in the UK.... happily now discovered in my local grocery store. Refreshing... delicate... soothing... ;)

Helen said...

Happy Birthday!! What a milestone, Congratulations, will you be having champagne in that mug? I should!!

Pipany said...

I love the wisteria one! Just gorgeous. I drink tea and coffee, though mostly coffee lately. Tea-wise I like good old builder's tea best of all x


Hi, I really like the blue lilac flower wall paper ,so fresh... could I enter your mug give away please, a girl can,t have enough Cath kiston mugs! I love whittards Christmas tea, it has a lovely cinnamoney warm spicey taste, quite comforting ,try it! Its great all year round.





wendy said...

I am new to blogging and absolutly hooked!! What a pleasure it was to come across your blog....a girl after my own heart! I've only just recently found CK too....where have I been all my life.. And have fallen head over heel in love with her fab designs.
I am an Earl Grey girl myself, no milk, just as is comes! So refreshing.
Would love a chance for the ck mug... Many thanks again for your wonderful blog. Love Wendy xx

Anonymous said...

just dropping with some warm easter wishes...let's say they are warm spring wishes as i am a little late with them due to having poorly pets over the weekend..they have thankfully, recovered now.
hope you have a lovely week (despite the wind and rain).



Scarlet said...

I am a coffee drinker earlier in the day and enjoy tea in the late afternoon/evenings. I love my spiced chai or chamomile

Laura said...

I do hope I'm not too late to enter the contest. I've been visiting your blog for quite some time, but somehow missed this post until just now!
I love CK, but that wallpaper is too pricey for my pocketbook. And I love love love the strawberry mug. I always have a cup of green tea in the morning, then Earl Grey throughout the day. Sometimes we'll make a pot of builders tea, but I find it too strong.
Congratulations on you blogaversary.