Monday, 8 March 2010

I Want Kirstie's Frock

Yesterday I popped into Waitrose to buy a couple of things that had been forgotten and were needed for the weekend. Whilst there I picked up a free copy of the John Lewis magazine. I usually like a leisurely browse through this over a cup of coffee after the rigours of the supermarket. You know the sort of thing....admiring the flawless finish of the room sets, wondering my house looks more like the SAS has been camped here for a week and not tidied up after themselves before they left. I do like to look at the latest kitchen kit before I decide that perhaps I'll make do with my trusty stove top coffee maker rather than the latest superdooper coffee machine that does everything except wash itself up and only costs two hundred pounds. I do also enjoy the fashion shoots, I marvel at the skinniness of the models and think perhaps I might not eat that fourth chocolate digestive after all.

However, this month's fashion has left me cold...instead I've been drooling over Kirstie Allsopp's frock. Yes, it was an interesting interview but just look at the frock. Isn't it gorgeous and I want it NOW. Forget all those anorexic models in the latest designer labels, this is the dress for me. All flowery and vintagey and such gorgeous colours. I think I need to aim for this look this summer. Oh dear, I bet it's either proper vintage or a costly designer label. Time for me to dream on I think.

I've also been drooling over this gorgeous wallpaper featured in the latest CK catalogue. It's not on the website yet and I know it would be just the thing as a feature wall in my bedroom. This has also given me the idea of painting my existing pine furniture to a distressed off white. Do you think this would work? Anyhow, it's all up in the air at the moment - the wallpapers on the CK website range from twenty odd pounds up to on hundred and fifty. So, as usual I'm hoping my taste isn't outstripping my budget and my fingers remain strictly crossed in the hope that I'll be able to afford it.

With the return of the sunshine I suddenly feel more positive and energised and I am loving the colour that is returning to our lives along with the light. Bright, cheery flowers

and even my favourite magazines are joining in this colour fest. I just love the cover of this month's Country Homes and Interiors.

My charity shop finds with their delicate pinks and greens

are also telling me that Spring is just around the corner and that days will lengthen and strengthen in warmth and that with it, we will be able to have more garden living, walks and days in the countryside. Heaven.


Sal said...

I want it too!!
We'll have to share it!!LOL

Country Style Living said...

The wallpaper is lovely, really vibrant, along with Kirstie's dress which is lovely too. Hopefully Spring is knocking on the door, bringing hope of a lovely Summer....

Mummy Boo Bear said...

That is indeed a wonderful frock that Mrs Alsopp is wearing!

I have a bit of an obbsession with painting furniture or wanting to paint it! lol. So I say go for it. But I know it can be a hard decission.

I too am so happy that we have some lovely bright and pretty flowers back to brighten our lives and homes!


MelMel said...

That frock is totally yummy!
I like the blue CK one too...may have to buy that!
The wallpaper is sublime!xxx

charl said...

that dress is gorgeous.. im kinda wanting this look myself.. but i think it will probably more primark than designer!!
love that wallpaper the big print is gorgeous.
really like your the pink and green together ( would look great in my house haha!)
i am known as a paint junkie. if its not already painted it soon is!!!

Hen said...

Kirsty's frock is Cath K from 2-3 years ago now. The wallpaper with the delphiniums on is sadly her digitally printed wallpaper and costs £150 per roll, eek! I was in the Cath K store at Bicester today and they had another absolutely divine digital wallpaper though to be honest, the finish is a bit strange, close up it does look like a photocopy (which is exactly what it is!) Maybe the dress will turn up on eBay if you have a look?
Most importantly, the pink and green china is TOOO lovely! Lucky you.
Hen x

Kathy said...

Yes it's a lovely dress. I'm determined to wear a dress this year. I seem to live in trousers all year round - but there are so many pretty, flowery dresses around at the moment I'm tempted to join in!
I'll be honest - I'm not fond of the wallpaper - it's a bit OTT for my house. Love Kathy xxx

Annie said...

Kirstie's dress is a CK one, I only know because I have the skirt in the same fabric. I bought mine second hand but unworn from someone at at the Northampton Bicycle Basket Bazaar last year. I have no idea how old it is though. I love the wallpaper too, it would certainly look good on a feature wall. I picked up the same mag this morning and am planning an early night to have a good read.
Ann x

Inca said...

Just love your charity finds,the pinks and greens are gorgeous,would love to paint my bedroom pale green and itching to paint my pine wardrobe but not sure where to start!!!I say go for it!If you will I will!!! Love the ck wallpaper,very striking:)

linda said...

HI, I am a big fan of Kirsty I love her indevidual fashion sence, the dress is fab, I have bought one very sim ,take a peek at my blog!! Loving your blog,been dropping in for a while , thought I would say hello, best wishes.

Kate said...

I totally and utterly agree about that frock, it is GORGEOUS. Must do a spot of research!!

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Lovely frock! I bit Cath Kidston-y.

Btw, did you know Kirstie and Cath are cousins?

How funny is that?


Anonymous said...

we can count on you to bring colour into our lives :o) i agree with you totally with regards Kirstie's dress and Cath's wallpaper, they are gorgeous!
and the little yellow daffofil has made my heart sing :o)



Pipany said...

Oh I so agree! It is bliss to see the sun even if it is still perishing. Gorgeous dress and so much prettier than a lot of what the mags are showing. Lovely post m'dear xx

Pipany said...

Most annoying - I left a lengthy comment and it disappeared! I do agree with you about the sun and Krstie's dress too. Lovely! xx




Country Cottage Chic said...

Very pretty dress & it's so nice to see it on someone who isn't a stick insect!


Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your baeutiful blog. Just love the photos of your gorgeous home.xx

Curlew Country said...

Oooh there's nothing like wishing yourself into into John Lewis/Waitrose life for a few hours! I do love Kirstie's style and that's the perfect spring frock. Lovely.

What fab vintage finds, lucky you!
Have a lovel weekend

Helen said...

What a lovely sunny, looking forward to, inspirational post!Thanks you have lifted my spirits,
Helen x

Anonymous said...

hello my dear, i was just sitting having a cup of tea and thought of you. hope you are well.... and delighting in the joys of spring. i must say it's made a difference to my spirits.

warm thoughts xxx