Friday, 6 June 2008

Escape to the country Part II

This was the grandest and most imposing building that I think I've ever visited. Hardwick Hall was certainly built to impress. The sizes of the rooms are incredible both in floor space and height. I think someone must have been expecting Queen Elizabeth the First to visit with her retinue and apparently she never did. The ruins of the previous Hardwick Hall are next to this spectacular building and this would also have been an incredible building and wasn't old or decrepit when Bess of Hardwick decided she wanted a bigger house and created the new Hall. Some people are never satisfied are they? Here is a picture of one of the plaster friezes from the old Hall.

A day or two later we visited Haddon Hall just a few miles from Bakewell. This house is very diffferent to Hardwick and I think that I could be quite cosy and content living here! It's still a very large building but the rooms are smaller and cosier than Hardwick. Of course the owners still live there and properties are always warmer and friendlier for that. Haddon was used as Thornfield in the BBC production of Jane Eyre starring Toby Stephens and more recently as the Boleyn family home in the Other Boleyn Girl with Scarlett Johansen. Have a look and see what you think.

I thought I'd also post some photos of Bakewell and some villages in the area. Some were so sweet and pretty with typically English architecture and gorgeous cottage gardens. Here goes - we'll start with Bakewell.

Now we'll move on to Middleton-by-Youlgreave.

A little further afield is the lovely Hartington with it's proper village green and lovely cottages.

I hope you enjoyed your short tour of the Peak District.


Nonnie said...

I visited Hadden Hall years ago and thought it was lovely but hadn't realised it was in the other Boleyn girl. Now I recognise it from your photos. Love all the photos of the gorgeous cottage gardens.

Nonnie said...

Me again! Having just discovered your blog, I've just had a thought that is it you that ordered the badges from my shop yesterday? Anyway, lovely blog, I will add it to my favourites list. Fiona

Lucy :: Attic24 said...

Beautiful photos, Bakewell looks soo peaceful in your pictures...when I was there (bank hol wkend) it was absolutely mobbed and I couldn't take a single photo because of hoards of people spoiling the view. Tis a lovely part of the world isn't it?

Sal said...

A gorgeous tour..thank you ;-)

LOUISE said...

What lovely picturesque villages these are. I really enjoyed the tour around. Did we get any photos of a Bakewell tart sitting alongside a coffee? x

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

What a beautiful part of the country, I want to go too! Sounds like you had a perfect holiday. Thanks for visiting, yes I saw Chocolat several years ago but could watch it again so will look out for it.
Have a good weekend.

Curlew Country said...

Hello there - I've only just managed to find the link back to your blog (sorry it vanished off my list for soem reason!) but I've really been enjoying your Peak photos. My colleague lives in Youlgrave and we've just had great news that our support for a small wind trubine for a farm at Middelton by Youlgreave has been approved which we're very chuffed about here at the office. I'm very lucky to drive through Bakewell everyday and the surrounding countryside is beautiful. So glad you had a good break (Haddon Hall is wonderful isn't it - I could move in there!)
PS Thanks so much for your lovely messges on my blog, sorry it's taken me an age to reply lately.