Monday, 9 June 2008

Shopping Day, Lazy Day

Saturday meant that our local farmers market was in town and these two bunches of Sweet William were amongst the lovely things there. It's always a pleasure to shop with the smell of herby sausages sizzling away or the spicy fragrance of samosas further down the street hot and ready to eat. There are preserves and plants, wine and cakes and on occasion we have even seen 'tree rabbit' for sale. My favourite stall is the vegetables and although not organic they are the best veg ever! The grower is local and doesn't use the usual array of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and you can really taste the difference in the produce that you buy. After all that activity though, when we arrived home we felt that we needed a little sustenance with a coffee and a Danish pastry.

I did summon up the energy later on arrange those flowers. They produced two lovely big arrangements - and all for £3.50.


Sal said...

Sweet Williams are so lovely at the moment.There's nothing like organic veg either ;-)

Lucy :: Attic24 said...

oh beautiful, I posted t'other day about sweet williams too, I just love them in the house, and they photograph beautifully too don't they.
And oh your danish and coffee also looks lovely mmmmmm yummy!

Jennie said...

Sweet Williams are amongst my favourite flowers and they smell absolutely divine. Which reminds me, I must transplant the ones I grew.