Thursday, 12 June 2008

Favourite Day

I can't spend much time blogging today because it's my favourite day of the month - yes, Country Living has dropped onto the doormat and as usual the sound made me rush to the door to tear off its cellophane wrapper, get rid of all the advertising bumpff inside and settle down with a coffee just to flick through the pages until I find time this afternoon to sit quietly and lose myself for an hour until Josh arrives home from school with ripped trousers, unspeakable stains on his school tie demanding food and drink. Bliss.

I must show you the parcel I received from Nonnie's website Linen and Roses.

Waiting inside for me were these two dear little embroidered badges which I shall put onto my denim jacket.
Anyway, it's time I went to find some lunch, settle down and drool over the gorgeousness inside CL - at least until my gorgeous son arrives home from school and brings me back to the real world!


Nonnie said...

Thanks so much for the mention. Really glad you were pleased with the badges. Enjoy your CL.

Lucy @attic24 said...

Oo yes my CL arrived too but I've been too busy to even flick teh pages.... got a 2hr train journey tomorrow so that'll do nicely.
BTW, cross stitch is good, as is bonkers, all welcome! Wish you live near

This Vintage Life... said...

Just wanted to say thanks for viisting and commenting on my blog. We like a lot of the same things so I'll be popping back. Particularly loved the comment about Cath Kidston - good on yer! And it was so nice to see pics of Derbyshire (even though I'm from Notts, I know it well) Deborah x