Monday, 16 March 2009

Caution Ducks Crossing

Sunday's weather was so mild and springlike I wouldn't settle and be content until I'd been for a walk along my favourite piece of towpath. I should really have washed, ironed, dug the garden but I really, really needed just to be in the fresh air away from the usual hum-drum stuff. By the time we'd collected Josh from his sleepover and and bought a voucher from the garden centre for Mom-in-law's present next Sunday the day had become a little dull. It didn't matter, it was warm and we could hear the birds singing and look at new greeness of Spring. What more could we need? I love this little walk along the canal. Josh gets annoyed with me 'not the same bit again?' I love its familiarity and its friendliness as walkers, cyclists, bargees and residents greet you with a cheery 'hello' as you walk on by. You can even do some shopping there if you wish at one of the canalside cottages.

I love to cross the towpath using this this tiny little bridge.

Here's a view from the top of the bridge to its left

and the view to the right.

Once over the bridge there's a little hamlet of cottages

next to fields.

I'd love to live here, tucked away in an almost secret little village.

It's on our way back to the bridge and the towpath that I notice this little sign, that's obviously been there some time.

It made us laugh, although we did keep a lookout for ducks on our way over the bridge. We did see plenty of ducks. All paired off now, with the odd noisy interruption of single males trying to steal a pretty girl from her mate.

Another few weeks and we'll be watching Mum leading her ducklings out and about as they play and discover their surroundings. We become distracted again and take a detour down a litle lane to the river

and up the hill to the fields with green shoots just peering through the red earth.

The church overlooks all of this from the hill, constant in the ever changing scenery.

Back on the canal and I love this sweet little hut. I imagine myself on a summer's day, sitting there on the porch watching the narrowboats chugging by. On winter walks, I imagine sitting inside, snuggled up with a heater, a hot drink and a good book.

Before I forget, we did see some of these as well.

Cheery, cosy, welcoming. When I win the lottery I'm going to buy one! However, it will have to be for weekends and holidays only. I have too much stuff to fit on one of these. Of course I would expect other bloggers to visit for afternoon tea and a bun.


LissyLou said...

what a lovely place. x

Simone said...

That is such a lovely place. I too would like to sit outside the little hut and watch the world go by. I have always wanted to go on a canalboat.



MelMel said...

Lovely, feel like I went with you!
What a lovely day it was for a walk!xxx

Sal said...

That was really lovely!
I didn't know which canal it was,so I typed in the name of the bridge and found some more's a beautiful area!

thriftymrs said...

How pretty.

Pipany said...

Oh such a lovely walk thank you. I feel quite tired now, so I am off for a catch up on your posts. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog xx

Devon Dumpling said...

Oh I love the little hut too; what a lovelt little place x

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely walk!
I could just eat that little pony it's so cute!

jo said...

Lovely photos, I spent all day yesterday outside too watching hubby and son karting at Oswestry.
Thanks for the comment on my blog, I would be able to make a larger camera case if you sent me the sizes and I think I have enough CK fabric left too!

Jo xx

louise said...

A friend of ours has a barge which he spends every second of his spare time on. What a wonderful walk this is for you, in such beautiful surroundings. There is no sweeter sight than a mother leading her ducklings, I hope you see them crossing that road, in safety though! x

Savin (Nay) Wangtal said...

That must have been a nice walk. I think there's a troll hiding under that bridge though, so be careful.

I have to say, we get some really nice place to go for a walk here in North Sydney too. There are a network of parks, stretching all the way from the harbor up to most suburbs here, and it's very lovely and full of flora and fauna. If you ever win the lotto, ditch the boat, and come try out these parks instead. I just know you'd love 'em.

kate said...

thanks for the lovely walk in england, i was feeling lonely for england and did a post on it a few days ago, it looks as if spring is on its way
best to you
ps see my photo at egg farm!!

Shabby Chick said...

Great pics, love the barges :)

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Easy to see why you love that walk. Some really lovely photos too. I did like the American mail box!

Country Bliss said...

Such a pretty walk, beautiful canal boats too.
Yvonne x

Taz said...

I enjoyed that walk, thank you :)

Ironing! Yuck, mind you my ironing basket is not going to be ignored for much longer :(
As for the chucks, me and big one have a shared love for them and she wants to "borrow" my new ones but they're too big for her ha ha. But she seems keen on babysham's now and they don't go up to my big foot size.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed that walk.
Really beautiful! Thankyou
Hope you have a lovely weekend