Sunday, 1 March 2009

Bridgewater Loveliness

I don't usually buy Period Ideas but I saw this cover yesterday and was immediately attracted to it.

The kitchen on the front cover was filled with Emma Bridgewater goodness and I just had to pick it up and have a flick through. Ooh! Great excitement when I discovered that this was actually Emma's gorgeous family home in Norfolk and several pages were devoted to showing its elegant interiors. Needless to say I had to buy a copy. (Yet another magazine ending up chez Funky). The photos I've taken of the article aren't brilliant but I thought you might like to share them with me.

Emma has my dream kitchen.

She also has my dream verandah and outhouse.

Not to mention my ideal hallway and bathroom!

There were also some clever design ideas to help acheive the Bridgewater look.

Whilst I was out shopping on Friday I came acroos this cheerful red mug that I just had to bring home with me.

It matches these two that I've already had for some time.

Perhaps there is yet another collection happening here? I'm sure it's not an obsession though. That will happen if I start to collect these as well!


Sal said...

I do so love those mugs of yours!
I must look for the mag! ;-)

Kitty said...

I'm a bit of a mug lover too. A quick glance at the mug cupboard at the moment reveals me to be going through a 'spotty mug' phase! x

Shabby Chick said...

Love your Penguin mug, we only have plain white, which was my decision a few years ago that I am now regretting! I'd really like that Bridgewater Happiness mug but at that price I think it's not going to happen (unless my husband buys it.... never gonna happen!!!!!).

Emma Bridgewater's house is pretty. I'm surprised she has so much of her own designs in it, I would have thought you'd get bored if it was your work as well! Lovely stuff though.

Mel xxx

bekimarie said...

Damn, it's Sunday and hardly anything open. I'm going to have to wait untill tomorrow to get that mag.
Great mugs!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Beki xxx

Simone said...

I am a Bridgewater fan too! I have just one of her dotty mugs but I am scared to use it as I am such a butterfingers! I would love a copy of the magazine but I think I have bought about 8 mags in two weeks!!!

MelMel said...

May have to buy this mag....:>))


Lizzie said...

Lovely mugs! I haven't seen the Swallows and Amazons one - have you seen the Ladybird Books ones?

LittleGem said...

Thankyou for the magazine pics, I clicked to enlarge to see all the details! Love your mugs, I love mugs but none of mine match they are just a mish mash of styles x

piecemaker said...

2 of my favourite things - a new magazine and Emma Bridgewater pottery, this will be a must have mag. I am a keen EB collector and according to our latest update from E & M they have movd (term time ) to Oxford so maybe they dont have the Rectory any more. Just found your blog - excellent !!

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

I must check this one out! Really lovely.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

louise said...

First time I have seen the Swallows and Amazons mug, the design is great, are they a limited edition? They do the Penguin Book ones in such cheery colours. x

Joanna said...

thank you for sharing those pictures, I really like emma bridgewater I like her bird mugs.