Monday, 7 March 2011

Blue Sky

From March 2011

Yes, at last, blue skies here in the West Midlands.

After feeling like I've spent the last couple of weeks in darkness we awoke yesterday to the rare and welcome sight of blue sky and sunshine. There were plenty of chores for us to do in the morning and probably even more we could have done in the afternoon. But we decided that we needed to escape, even if it was only a couple of miles down the road to one of our local beauty spots.

From March 2011
Look, there it is, blue sky, bright, intense, uplifting. Oh! It certainly did me good to be out and about walking in the beautiful woodland and heathlland of Kinver Edge.

From March 2011
Bright blue sky again! I don't believe it.

The intense cold didn't deter us. We were wrapped up, protected against the biting wind and the sun was shining. There was just the slightest hint of warmth from the sun, but it was there, enough for us. And we were surrounded by intense colour, even in the absence of buds and flowers yet to burst into life.
From March 2011

From March 2011
I loved the shadows cast by the trees in the late afternoon sunshine.

From March 2011
And it was good to see young life in the fields, though no sign of lambs with any of the sheep yet.

From March 2011
Oh yes. It was a good day to be out enjoying blue sky, sunshine and being hopeful for the Spring to come.

From March 2011


Simone said...

Beautiful uplifting photos! Doesn't the blue skies make you feel good to be alive?!!!

Fanny Pinkleton said...

Good old National Trust, so nice to see unspoiled areas of the UK.

mim said...

Gorgeous photos, wonderful views and some lovley comments

Rosie said...

Hasn't it been wonderful weather the last day or two? Just so cheering after all the dark days. Love your photos - it's years since we visited Kinver Edge:)

Posie said...

So uplifting....but they are now forecasting snow....I used to go to Kinver Edge having spent my childhood in the Midlands, happy memories

potterjotter said...

I know just what you mean - blue sky instead of 'grey lid' - and you just have to get out in it. Lovely pictures - beautiful mossy one!

Louise said...

I really enjoyed this post as you know I love Kinver Edge!

Sorry the comment is a bit later! I'm having a stressful week and have only just seen the post!

Kath said...

Hello! Thankyou for coming to visit me at Hillside, I thought I'd come over and "meet" you properly. I'm glad I did, lots of nice things here for me to see. I havejust become a follower, so I don't miss anything in future! ;-D