Monday, 28 February 2011


I feel as though I've spent this last week in darkness. I live in a small terraced house with little natural light. The weather this last week has been so incredibly dull and dark, and full of that chillingly wet coldness that seeps through to your bones, and drains energy out of you. I would have loved to have spent some time in the garden over half term but the wet and cold have put paid to that idea. If it had been autumn, I would have been content to cosy in, switch the lights on and turn the heating up. But now, like the plants in the garden I need light to thrive, and perhaps a little warmth from a watery sun would give me a little boost. Instead today, I've had to search the house to find some prettiness and colour to chase away the depressing effects of the darkness and to be honest it has helped. For instance, I've unpacked my new cushion yet again.

From February 2011
It's so very pretty, with bright, springtime colours that instantly lift my mood.

From February 2011
I pack it away again carefully and resist the temptation to display it....that's for when the bedroom is decorated and is once again a clean tidy space I can be proud of.

From February 2011
Next, I open the wardrobe and pull out my latest puchases. Two floral shirts from good old Sainsbury's and a little cardigan covered in the prettiest of pink roses. I begin to feel a little chirpier as I put it on and the delicate pinks add a little colour to my pale features. Once again in the kitchen I see colour and prettiness in the most mundane of things. Yes, even a tea towel can be cheery.

From February 2011
Cupcake cases can be pretty and cheerful too.

From February 2011
And the pattern on one of my favourite jugs lifts my spirits.

From February 2011
A cup of coffee later and I'm beginning to feel better. I decide to brave the damp and venture into the garden and am glad I do. Just look, a pretty, colourful sign of things to come.

From February 2011


Rosie said...

Hasn't it been such a dreary, wet week? There was so much we could have done in the garden but just had to gaze disconsolately out of the windows every so often. You have some lovely cheerful things to lift the spirits - your red pottery is very cheerful as well as all your lovely fabrics:)

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

T x

Simone said...

Thank you for the cheery post full of pretties! The dark,cold,dampness has really got to me today. At least I know I am not alone!!! x

potterjotter said...

Oh - when I read your first para. I could have written it myself! We did have a few sunny days last week but largely, its just going on for too long now ... no?


If it's any consulation, the weather here in the midwest of the U.S. hasn't been much cheerier either. So many dark grey days, one after the other, has left me a bit cranky. But it's almost March, today the Sun is out, and I think I even spotted an American Robin yesterday. Robins here are a sure sign that spring is near! Let's hope.

Louise said...

I agree. The weather has been just terrible. Let's hope March brings us more sunshine, and light! A cup of coffee and a cupcake (or two) is just the thing to help ease the depression! x

mim said...

Ditto...... love the red and white spotted teapot etc

jo said...

You've given me an idea on how to use up all those embroidered tablecloths etc that keep coming home with me from the charity shop, that cushion is beautiful.

Woke up to yet another grey day today!

Pipany said...

I know just what you mean. We had one dry day here and that was yesterday when the sun shone beautifully. Half term was such a wash out. Lovely things here thank you x

Louise said...

I spent half term in a cold, damp, dingy flat in Wolverhampton. Horrible grey weather outdoors, no views, nowhere to go - it was most depressing!

Today I'm at home and the sun is shining. It's been a lovely day and the sun was rather warmning, although it has gone very cold now! I'm feeling much better, especially as we're in March now and things are looking up, weather and colour wise!

I hope you enjoy your week and it's not as drab as the last one!


Andi's English Attic said...

Your post is a touch of spring all by itself. Thank you. xx

Posie said...

Hopefully the sun has reached you now, we had lovely sunshine at the weekend and it so lifts the spirits. Gorgeous purchases, something new always cheers me up.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

A nice cheering post Tracey - the weather has turned brighter and colder here now and I hope for the same where you are. Lesley x