Monday, 8 November 2010


I've not been near my blog for weeks again. I've felt that I've had nothing interesting to write about or to show you. For months the house has been in upheaval as Mr F. struggles to find time to decorate inbetween work and other commitments and my bedroom has been turned into a storage room with just enough space to navigate a route around the bed. Still, I suppose it will all get done at some stage and then I'll have plenty of pics to share. I've missed writing my blog and reading your comments, so here I am back again, not a lot to say so I'll just ramble on a bit if you don't mind.

One positive of late is my refound interest in cross stitch. I finished this chess board over the half term holiday. I've had it on the go for simply ages I'm ashamed to say. I'm pretty pleased with it and it has spurred me on to begin a project in petit point.

I've still got to make sense of this bundle of threads but the colours are wonderful, exactly right for this beautiful time of year.

A Sunday walk in the park last week showed off all the glory of Autumn. Since then, the wind and the rain have blown most of these golden jewels off the trees and little feet in brightly coloured wellies are jumping into the huge heaps of papery leaves that have been enthusiastically gathered. Much more fun than the swings and slides in the play area!

This is the time of year to cosy up as nights become darker and colder. After a summer of idleness, fairylights are switched on and add a warm glow in a dark corner. The the tub of hot chocolate stays permanently on the kitchen worktop ready for young Master F. to come home from school, usually uttering pleas for marshmallows and chocolate flakes to be added because it's been such a hard day at school.

I love to spend the evenings in my winter pyjamas. Do you like my new Primark ones?Exactly right to settle down for an evening of Autumn t.v. and I've LOVED watching Downton Abbey. I can't wait until the next series.

Time for me to put the kettle on for myself I think. Just want to leave you with this view from my kitchen window today. I bet that poor cat wishes he was somewhere as cosy as me.

I hope not to be leaving it so long between posts in future.....


Flossie and Tom said...

Welcome back - I've just had a massive break as well - just lost my mojo a bit

Your petit point looks beautiful - I've had the new CK book and its inspired me to maybe pick up a needle again.

Those PJs are great - will have to try and get to Primark soon XX

charl said...

oo love your pjs... i feel a primark trip is calling for new pjs !!!

your fairy lights look very cosy up on the heart!
cant wait to see all your decorating piccies when its all done.. our bedroom is always the storage dumping ground whenever any work is being done.. it can get quite depressing in the end cant it!!

Louise said...

Hello! Nice to hear from you again and thanks for your comment.

Some lovely photos in your post. I look forward to more posts soon?!


Mummy Boo Bear said...

I have been a bit hit and miss myself on the blogging front. i think it happens this way every now and then!

Loving your cross stitch. So much care and attention that you must put in to each one. They are beautiful.

Hope you get your decorating done. Its hard when you know someone is doing there best but you want things done! I am terrible when it comes to chaos in the house. And get a bit mardy with it all. Case in point this past half term and doing our livingroom! Though i practically live in chaos on a daily basis. lol.


Annie said...

Your Autumn tree photos are beautiful. I love your Primark pyjamas, I will have to pop in and have a look. I bought some great ones from there last year.
Ann x

Posie said...

Lovely to catch up with your world again. I feel for you having the bedroom in a state of 'storage', it is unsettling when your nest is turned upside down, but looking forward to seeing the results. Gorgeous park, lovely colours in the trees, and so comforting to have a tub of hot chocolate at the ready. Enjoy x

potterjotter said...

Your cross-stitch piece is fabulous! I got quite hooked on it a few years ago - you have inspired me to try some more.

Country Style Living said...

The pj's are so pretty! I shall miss Downton Abbey too......Sunday evenings won't be the same now

Andi's English Attic said...

How lovely are those black squares? And the whole thing is really stylish. Love it.
The pjs look so cosy.
(My son has just come in and left the front door open. Now I'm not so cosy!) xx

rockpixie said...

Hi there! Love the cross stitch, you may have inspired me to do my own revival!
Downton Abbey has been brilliant - I wish they could have stretched it out until Christmas!


Alchamillamolly said...

Hello and welcome back I too am a bit of a sporadic poster on my blog thought I still read other peoples who seem to have such interesting lives!! Love the black and white pic and I bet the petit point is going to be lovely. My eyes even with glasses dont seem to be able to cope with cross stitch and I have reverted to tapestry when I can. Today I have cut out 72 pieces of Xmas fabric for Xmas bunting!

Heidi said...

Your home is amazing I'm in love with your living room to begin with....a lovely blog and post!