Friday, 28 September 2012

A Weekend Away

Earlier this year we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. At the time, we weren't sure what we wanted to do to celebrate, but as soon as I saw this chapel....I knew.

 I'm fascinated by churches and sacred mediaeval music and a little chapel nestled in this Welsh valley had to be the perfect place to stay.

 Our own little piece of heaven.

II loved the grand but cosy interior

and the attention to detail.

I love needlework and I really wanted to bring this cushion home with me.

As well as the the board with its hymn numbers.

The autumn sunshine that weekend was glorious and  we were able to enjoy the garden as it should be enjoyed.

Come along and have a look.

This was our hosts' home - I wouldn't mind living there either.

These were our neighbours

and we also had plenty of visitors.

This is Wenna the border collie, a frequent and welcome visitor to the chapel. I think she probably enjoyed greeting all the guests though and didn't save her favours for us. Next post I'll show you some photographs of the places we explored over the weekend. I think you've probably had photo overlosd today.

BTW. Can anyone tell me why my fonts keep muddling up. I don't like it but blogger won't let me change it to how I want. Grrrr!


Thea said...

What a lovely place, it looks the perfect place to share a special weekend
Thea x
P.S. not sure of the font problem the only way I would try is to go back to "set up" but you have probably tried that xx

Posie said...

wow, it looks quite heavenly, loved those photos. I can't help with the font changes though...I haven't a clue.

Rosie said...

What a wonderful place to spend a few special days! Belated congratulations on your anniversary:)

Simone said...

Such a gorgeous place. You have captured it so well in your photos. Thank you for the comment on my blog Tracey. I now know I am not alone with so many people sharing my fear! Unfortunately I don't have anyone to come with me to appointments. I will have to face my fear or just stop going! I hope you and your family are well. x