Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I don't intend going anywhere today. The gate is firmly shut, the back door locked and the only weather I'm going to experience is throught the kitchen window. The kettle's on. there are chocolate cornflake cakes in my new Bridgewater tin and the heating is keeping that biting, vicious wind at bay. Only the jug of flowers in the kitchen window looks cheery and spring like.

I've decorated the Easter tree this morning, even though the weather feels  more like Christmas as the sleet and rain lashes coldly against the window. It looks worse than it is, as the blossom from a neighbour's gorgeous cherry tree is being ripped from the branches. For all the world it looks as though it's snowing.

The last few decorations are up, just Teenage Boy's egg to buy now.....not today though. I'm staying in by the fire

I might find time to begin this book. 'Mariana' by Monica Dickens, set around the time of WWII it has been compared to Dodie Smith's 'I capture the castle'.

I'll certainly get the chance to finish reading this one. Written by   Miranda Dickinson, who lives in my town and who uses the local area as a base for some of her stories. Comfort reading for me as I know there will be a happy ending and we all need one of those don't we?

Maybe I'll find something comforting to eat from these pages. One of my presents for Mothering Sunday. I hope you are warm and cosy where you are. What's the weather doing with you today?


Louise said...

We're also having bad weather too - gales blowing and it has snowed all morning but I think it's stopping now. I'm so glad it's the Easter hols so I can stay indoors all day too!

Rosie said...

Cold, wet and windy here too! We woke up to horizontal sleet and the outdoor chairs and wheelie bins all blown over. The sun has popped out just briefly but it is still gusting with wind. A good idea to stay in and read. Your home looks very cosy:)

Rose H (UK) said...

Same here in South Staffs,freezing cold wind and snow showers first thing. I've had to rescue the wheelie bin 3 times from the street, I've given up and put it in the garden now.
Your windowsill looks very sweet :o)
Hope you have a great Easter.
Rose H

ted and bunny said...

hiya- thanks for your mossy comment!

You have a great blog- love the red and white china, it certainly cheers everything up on a day like today.

Have a lovely Easter Weekend

Kath said...

no place like home, with a good book when the wind blows cold.

Helen said...

Lovely!! I have red and white spotted jug envy,
Love Helen xx

Posie said...

Just catching up and love your homely photos, such a relaxing blog, sounds like your Easter was going to be fun...we have had the most gorgeous weather here, but the wind has been biting cold, but with lambing we have been out in all weathers.