Thursday, 23 December 2010


Today I finally feel as though Christmas is real. I finished work yesterday evening and was glad to do so. There was no heating in the building for five days running and we were all perished, the chief of all our branches visited and never even thanked us for putting up with the conditions. It was a cold, long journey on the train to get home to a warm home and warm hearts.

Today feels positive. The jewelled colours of Christmas chocolate immediately cheers me up and yes, I've pinched one. But don't tell my teenage boy - he's been told not to touch until Christmas Eve. I know he's not touched them.......there would be a tell-tale trail of discarded wrappers glistening and glinting all over the house.

Christmas is certainly on the way and I feel ready after a few final touches to here and there. Baubles popped underneath a domed cake stand should look o.k. as a table centre for Christmas Day I think?

And there's a wreath on the kitchen door as a welcome

Presents are wrapped and ready under the tree.

The Teenager has gone out to meet friends and I'm going to enjoy these last few quiet hours before the hustle and bustle of Christmas really begins. I may even watch a film this afternoon.....I might even pinch a few more of those chocolates. Would you like one? Help yourself.

The snow has really only affected us badly since Saturday when its heavy, silent downfall filled the skies and streets and quietened the normal sounds of the day replacing them with the thuds of snowballs landing and children shouting and laughing as the snow hit its target. You've all probably seen enough snowy pictures to last you until the summer but we enjoyed such a wonderful afternoon walk at the weekend around our town that I just wanted to share a few with
you if you don't mind. Down our street

to the local park

and a walk around the frozen pond

through the town and past beautiful St Thomas's church.

As the light faded, we walked home along the canal, past the Bonded Warehouse, still busy with families queueing for narrowboat trips to see Santa

passing a few narrowboats along the way. It was dark by the time we reached home and we were ready for that warming cup of tea.

Have a great Christmas everyone. Stay warm and safe annd enjoy the snow. Let me know what you're up to.


Amanda said...

An uplifting post. I had a bit of stress with work yesterday, so reading this has made me feel better. Have a lovely Christmas.

Simone said...

The last picture is especially striking! I like your idea of baubles under a glass dome for a table centrepiece. I keep putting out chocolates in bowls and have to keep refilling them! I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas. x

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Currently snowed in, trawling the blogs for new ones to keep me entertained.
Love your colourful pics.

MelMel said...

Merry Christmas!xx

ted and bunny said...

hi there, just came over to say thanks for your kind comment.

I love your blog...something about the colours you use just "sits right" with me and I've really enjoyed reading past posts.

I love love LOVE the primark pjs, have to admit that I'm an out and out jammy girl, and the major perk of an eBay business is that some days you get to stay in your jimjams til lunchtime!
Other people have power suits for work...I have power jammies!

Have a lovely Christmas- eat loads of those chocs for me (they'd all be gone if they were here) and I'll take the next turn with JD ;))

JuicyFig said...

Ooooh, thanks, I will have one of those purple sweets! Have a wonderful Christmas, relax and enjoy the snow!


potterjotter said...

Crikey - hope its warmer inside that narrow boat than it looks from the outside! Have a lovely Christmas.

Country Style Living said...

Merry Christmas....

The Vintage Knitter said...

Your wreath looks amazing - very festive indeed!

Well, we're hoping to catch up with Santa today as his grotto has been closed due to the snow (ironic isn't it?!)

Have a great Christmas with you and yours, funky monkey xxx

P.S. If I could, I'd put James May into your Christmas stocking - only if I could borrow him afterwards though!!

Rosie said...

What a lovely post - so festive. Love your snowy photos. Right I'm off to open up the box of Christmas sweeties - Have a great Christmas:)