Monday, 8 June 2009

I Think I've Died and Gone to Heaven Part 2

Morning ladies! I'm back again with more photos of our holiday. As there are lots of pictures I'll try not to give you sensory overload with too much natter.So let's get going. We decided to stick close to home on Sunday after the long journey the day before. I'd heard lots about Sizergh Castle, so we decided to visit there.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the house itself. Every blind and curtain seemed to be closed, which made an already very dark house difficult to enjoy. I do appreciate the conservation issues but I would like to see the house I'm walking around. Take note please NT!

By contrast the garden were full of gorgeous colour and it was so relaxing walking around with the sun on my back and a strawberry ice-cream in my hand.

Monday was once again sunny and hot and my boys decided that they wanted to
climb the fell that sort of came with our cottage.Did I want to go with them?

Not on your nelly! I was quite happy to sun myself in the garden, enjoy the view from the living room

and complete this taxing project.

They did get to the top of the fell.

And bought back these picture perfect views.

Kirkby Lonsdale was our destination on Tuesday. It was a sunny day, but very, very windy, which made wearing my new skirt quite difficult but here's the photo to prove I actually got to wear one.

I think my legs are red with cold, rather than the sunshine of the previous day. As for Kirkby Lonsdale.

It was a shopping paradise for bloggers.

I did buy a lovely metal sign for my soon to be new bathroom but perhaps I'll show you that when the bathroom is done! After lunch we pootled along to Arnside, a small Victorian town on Morecambe Bay.

You can see the rain clouds gathering can't you? Time for a warming cuppa and a slice of chocolate cake methinks!

The Posh Sardine was just the place for this. As well as selling loads of funkiness it had a welcoming cafe area from which you could enjoy scenic views of the bay with a certain degree of warmth. I managed to spend some more money before pootling on once again.

It did rain as we journeyed back to the cottage but we were greeted by these little ladies once again as we reached home, eager to see if we had anything for them.

We were in just the right place on a cold evening! I love evenings like this, cosy and warm after a lovely day with my family.


This Vintage Life... said...

Is it Past Times? I wasn't told that and there's no label!! Ho hum...
Love your holiday pics. It's not a good hol without some retail therapy is it?
Deb x

Pipany said...

Oh, I do love your blog! Great pictures which have made me sigh for the return of the sun. Raining here at the moment..yuk xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oh yes that sounds and looks like a lovely holiday! Lots of lovely little shops and cafes, gorgoues places to walk and visit.

And home again to a nice fire on a chilly evening with a nice glass of wine and a good book! Bliss.

Lovely photos.


Pom Pom said...

Love the toes! It's like the Jane Brocket photo in The Gentle Art of Domesticity! I love you English girls! The photos are lovely! How fun for me in far off Denver!
Your blog is wonderful! I love it!

Justine said...

Oh my, Kirby Lonsdale looks absolutely gorgeous - those shops! My in-laws oop north and next time we're up there I'm going to insist that hubby drives us just that little bit further north so I can partake in some KL loveliness!

And I can thoroughly recommend the 8-house hamlet of Tiddleywink for your next holiday - it does exist, honest!

Devon Dumpling said...

Oh what a lovely place! x

Rosie said...

Great photos, Kirby Lonsdale looks great as does Arnside near Morcambe Bay. What a lovely place to stay:)

Diane said...

What fantastic places - and your photography is great. Love your blog.

SueLovesCherries said...

I found your blog through Country Cottage Chic. I'm going to follow you because I, too, have an unhealthy obsession with Johnny Depp!

What a lovely holiday - good for you!

I HAVE to have an answer to: where did you get the primrose "whatever-it-is" in the bottom right corner of your heading? They're my favorite flower and, on the gardening website I use, I'm known as PrimroseSue!

re said...

It looks like a wonderful holiday, I think I've read about the shop Parma Violets somewhere recently.