Monday, 5 January 2009

Catching Up

January - and today is the day when things begin to get back to normal. No more worrying (as usual) about the Christmas meal being edible. It was fine (as usual) but it never stops me fretting! Today I am on my own and it's time to catch up. There are lots of things that have been neglected over the past two weeks and they now need attention. Now, all todays chores are finished and I can have a little r&r and start cross stitching again. Who knows, the chess board might get completed soon. This morning was a bit of a surprise as we woke up to this.

I should have been brave and ventured out for a walk in the local park to take some spectacular photos but no chance - I'm staying put and staying snug and warm today and I won't even venture outdoors for you lovely bloggers. I might however watch my new DVD, which I won in Annie's giveaway at A Saucerful of Secrets. I love old films and being able to snuggle up and watch a Hollywood romance or an Ealing Comedy, and admire the old stars like Bette Davis and Ingrid Bergman and films like The Wicked Lady and Rebecca.I think today is just the sort of day to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and a good film. I'd love to know if you do the same or which film stars you like to watch.

My wonderful package also included a jar of Green and Blacks Hot Chocolate and best of all, a surprise gift made by Annie herself.

This little brooch is so beautifully made and so individual. I think it will have to kept on display when it's not being worn - so I'm now searching for a little cushion to pin it on, so that it's there for all to see and admire. You must visit Annie's blog and website where you can see her gorgeous home and the beautiful dolls that she makes.

I've got quite a few photos of places we visited over Christmas but thought that today I'd show you some of our Boxing Day walk along the canal.

This is my favourite walk, in summer or winter and it was such a gloriously sunny day you just had to be happy. (Plus the thought of not having to cook a three course meal made me feel even more chirpy!)

As usual there were plenty of brightly coloured narrowboats lined up against the towpath

although today we don't see anyone going through the locks.

It is a day to stay put and keep warm as we watch woodsmoke from the boats curl up from their little chimneys and we see some of the occupants emerge from the cabins to walk down the towpath to the pub.

I'd love a little cottage next to the canal and to be able to watch the boats as they travel along sedately and watch the wildlife in the spring. Of course we see ducklings but we have seen herons and at twilight bats swooping above the water between the trees. All in all I love it here.


Simone said...

The walk along the canal looks stunning. Such a blue sky too! I am going to get out walking a lot more this year. Your little dolly brooch looks beautifully crafted and what a nice surprise! I haven't sat down a watched a good old fashioned film in ages but I used to love 'What Happened to Baby Jane with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and films with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. They dressed so stylishly back then.

Kitty said...

Beautiful photos! We had snow here too - I took one picture, of the cat's footprints, and came back inside!

Still in 4th!!


Sal said...

What a lovely giveaway!
Annie makes some gorgeous things,doesn't she?
Your canal walk looks wonderful too!

Gingham and Flowers said...

Lovely pictures of your boxing day walk. I also love the snow picture. I was amused by the fact that there are only human footprints in the left garden and only animal shaped ones in the right garden! That film looks great. Nothing better than snuggling up with a good old film and some G and B when the weather is horrid. We had snow here too but like you there was no way I was venturing out into it!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, and a nice new year ahead.

Lucy xx

This Vintage Life... said...

Ooooh...lovely pictures of the canal; it's my dream to run away and live on a narrowboat!
Wat a lovely giveaway you won...all that G & B!
I absolutely adore old films and I'm glad you mentioned Ealing comedies...I love The Ladykillers, Passport to Pimlico, Lavender Hill many!
I enjoyed watching Kind Hearts and Coronets (again) over Christmas...wonderful. Have a very happy new year
Deb x

Andrea said...

I too wanted to do more walking this year, but it has not got off to a very good start, trouble is you see it looking soooo pretty outside but oh so cold! Even my husband has started to ask me if I have been out of the house some days...think I am turning into a hermit but I do soooo hate the cold!! x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

What a delicious blog you have!
I enjoyed looking at every single post!
And I`m looking forward to stop often...
Debbie Moss

Tracey said...

Lovely photos, I would love to live in that cottage by the canal!
Tracey xxx

jo said...

Happy New Year! I too haven't ventured out into the cold. Your canal photos look great, not too far from where I live I think.

Alchamillamolly said...

Hi there and Happy New Year to you.
I always read your blog but have obviously missed any previous canal pictures! I have long fancied a holiday in a cottage overlooking a canal thouhg I have no desire to go a barge holiday on the water ( a static barge would be fine) it is the tranquility of a canalside holiday I am looking for. Have you noticed if any of the places you pass on your wlak are holiday cottages? I have looked on the net for the past two years but not yet come across one actually next to a canal and especially a lock. Hope you can help???

Tracey said...

Hi, thanks for your comment! We have something else in common....Johnny Depp!!!!
Love Tracey xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lucky you winning that super giveaway!

The Vintage Kitten said...

The walk along the canal looks amazing. I love canal boats though Ive never been on one. Mr K and his friends spent a drunken weekend (stag party) on one but I dont think they were there for the gentle pottering along the canal and scenery!!! Lucky you living so close. The brooch is gorgeous too X

Clare said...

What lovely photos - I too enjoy the old films. Bette Davis is one of my all-time favourites so anything with her in is enjoyable. There aren't enought old b&w films shown on TV, despite the many channels we have these days!

louise said...

Super photos of the canal and lovely to have this on your doorstep. There is an aim to restore our local canal link, so hopefully one day this will happen. Lots of good wishes to you for a Happy New Year. x

Indigo Blue said...

Lovely photo's, especially of the barges. These brought back memories of a barge holiday with friends, crikey, it must be nearly 13 years. Lovely wreath selected in an earlier post, unusual berries, I really liked it. Happy New Year