Friday, 26 September 2008

That Friday Feeling

I love Fridays. After twenty-odd years of working Fridays it is now my day. O.K I do need to go supermarket shopping and there is usually some ironing that needs attending to but it still feels as though I begin the weekend a day early. It is also the day when I can have an hour to myself browsing the local shops and today the charity shops came up trumps. This was the scene on my dining table five minutes after I arrived home this morning.

And this is how they all looked after a wash and scrub up.

Best of all the whole lot came to less than £4.50. The bargain of the day has to be the plate which came in at an astounding 99p and I adore anything decorated with violets or pansies. I feel pretty pleased with myself I can tell you!

Just to finish the day off and complete my feeling of elation, this little beauty dropped onto my doormat at lunctime.

All I need now is a bar of Green & Blacks white chocolate and my joy is complete.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Someone turn off the taps

That's it I give up! All the way through this dreadful summer I've remained optimistic and told myself that the weather really can't get any worse and it really won't prevent me from doing what I want . Well today it has. I can't even be bothered to walk into town to buy a new copy of Country Homes (my one weakness). Instead the doors and windows remain firmly shut and sod the calories the Duchy Originals are coming out of the cupboard. This week the rain has really got to me and I'm beginning to resent the sight of my waterproof jacket.(I'm really losing the plot now). This morning will be spent talking to you lovely ladies and keeping myself cosy with tea and biscuits. I promise I'll stop moaning now. By the way, I have to thank Lisa at Knitty, Vintage and Rosy for sending me the luscious glossy magazine in the photo. I shall really enjoy luxuriating in its elegant interiors.

At the risk of boring everyone I do have some more photos of Cornwall. I really would like to show you Trevarno Gardens. If you are ever near Helston they are well worth a visit. They are not overly large and a leisurely walk around them doesn't make you feel like you've been on an outward bound course.

Once you have wandered around the gardens you can relax in beautiful conservatory tea rooms where they serve locally produced food.

And if you have the energy after a huge cream tea then you really must visit the soap museum and the National Museum of Gardening housed on the site. The museum is full of wonderful adverstiisng signs

tools and flowerpots

and other gardening memorabillia.

Organic beauty products are also produced and on sale there, so there really is a lot of interest for your visit.

I hope your day isn't too windy and rainy. If it is, keep warm and cosy and pray for some sunshine.