Friday, 5 September 2008

Someone turn off the taps

That's it I give up! All the way through this dreadful summer I've remained optimistic and told myself that the weather really can't get any worse and it really won't prevent me from doing what I want . Well today it has. I can't even be bothered to walk into town to buy a new copy of Country Homes (my one weakness). Instead the doors and windows remain firmly shut and sod the calories the Duchy Originals are coming out of the cupboard. This week the rain has really got to me and I'm beginning to resent the sight of my waterproof jacket.(I'm really losing the plot now). This morning will be spent talking to you lovely ladies and keeping myself cosy with tea and biscuits. I promise I'll stop moaning now. By the way, I have to thank Lisa at Knitty, Vintage and Rosy for sending me the luscious glossy magazine in the photo. I shall really enjoy luxuriating in its elegant interiors.

At the risk of boring everyone I do have some more photos of Cornwall. I really would like to show you Trevarno Gardens. If you are ever near Helston they are well worth a visit. They are not overly large and a leisurely walk around them doesn't make you feel like you've been on an outward bound course.

Once you have wandered around the gardens you can relax in beautiful conservatory tea rooms where they serve locally produced food.

And if you have the energy after a huge cream tea then you really must visit the soap museum and the National Museum of Gardening housed on the site. The museum is full of wonderful adverstiisng signs

tools and flowerpots

and other gardening memorabillia.

Organic beauty products are also produced and on sale there, so there really is a lot of interest for your visit.

I hope your day isn't too windy and rainy. If it is, keep warm and cosy and pray for some sunshine.


This Vintage Life... said...

It's throwing it down here too so I think I'll join you in getting out the bics, the homesy mags and the tea and batten down the hatches! Your lovely holiday snaps cheered me up though! especially that lovely conservatory. Deb x

julia said...

Nope, it's windy and rainy like you wouldn't believe here. At least your pictures gave the impression of sunshine, don't feel so bad now.
Julia x

Amongst The Oaks said...

So sorry about your wet summer. I wish I could send some California sunshine to you!
I'm loving the Corwall photos. We visited there in 2006 and really enjoyed the area. Stayed with relatives in St. Kew (near Wadebridge), had Sunday roast at St. Mabyn's, toured Dartmouth, St. Ives, and lots of gardens. I want to go back....

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh tell me about it!! I've just had a rant and a rave on my blog about the weather. The festival I was going to as my birthday treat has been cancelled because of all the rain. I'm SOOOOOO p***ed off with this weather.
Thanks for the lovely (dry) pictures of Cornish lovliness to cheer me up. Those terraria/terrariums (?) are so cute and the texture of the peeling paint on that garden door... Little things...

Curlew Country said...

Deluge central here! The river at the bottom of our road is about to blow I think, just a foot or so off the bridge arches. Lucoky for us we're up the hill but the beautiful steam railway station looks a bit vulnerable.
I'm fed up to the back teeth with it all and feel very short-changed indeed. We've only had about two hours of sunshine since July. Bleeuuggh!
Hope you have a cosy weekend indoors.
Stephx (beautiful museum, must get there one day).

funkymonkey said...

I had a comment from someone called Rebecca. I'm sorry I haven't published the comment Rebecca. I think I must have hit the reject key instead of the publish key. Sorry.


Country Bliss said...

Hi, it's very very wet in Cornwall at the moment and blowing a gale. I love Trevarno gardens, haven't been for a while though do they still have the toy musuem there!

Simone said...

Did you say soap museum? I love soaps almost as much as candles! I like the photos very much especially the one of the vintage seed packets.

Clover Yard said...

Hello there, sorry to hear you're having such rubbish weather. We seem to have escaped most of it up here but it's probably on it's way! I love your photos of Cornwall. I just have to visit there sometime, it's lovely.

Cathy said...

Thanks for dropping by so I could find your lovely blog. Your pics of Trevarno look lovely. I must pay it a visit one day - my in-laws live just down the road but we have never been.Hope you enjoyed the brief respite from the rain today.
cathy X

Rebecca said...

It really has been an awful summer weatherwise. Hanging out the washing is out of the question (I still do it, however, as I prefer damp washing OUTSIDE rather than damp washing INSIDE), everything is wet and cold, and exercise just goes out the window (unless ironing counts. Oh, and stretching up to high cupboards to put things away). And then there's the baking *sigh*. I mean, what else is a girl to do once all the chores are done and it's STILL raining outside. Baking is the way forward. Roll on autumn.

Goosey said...

Just to say I have recently found your blog and enjoying it alot, I will read back through stuff you have done before when I get time!

Hen said...

I love your photos of Trevarno, especially the gorgeous seed packets. Yes, the weather is pants, I've given up, got my jeans, woollies and coat out and started making chutney in earnest. I love the choc coated ginger Duchy biccies, yum!
Hen x

Lace hearts said...

I love Trevano gardens, but haven't made it there for some time.
Oh boy is this rain getting us all down! It's never-ending, isn't it!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Anyone who loves... The Railway Children, Robert Plant and The Famous Five books has to have a wonderful blog.. and so indeed you do!
Thank you for your visit.. It is lovely to hear of your Cornish holiday and did tug at my heart strings a bit as I long to go down to that part of the world (I know the Five Pilchards well) again..

Michele x

Elizabeth said...

Yes, well on the other side of the ocean it has been rainy here too. And cooler than normal already.
I love the seed signs!

LOUISE said...

We really have had such an aweful summer and just hope we don't have a repeat performance next year? If this is the sign of things to come I really will consider emigrating! Haven't visited these gardens, I would certainly be very interested in the garden memorabilia, I really like old seed packets. x

Sal said...

I love the vintage garden bits and pieces! ;-)

Kitty said...

Hello ... I've followed you here after reading your comment at Sal's blog about Villa for a Champions League place ... a fellow blogging Villa fan, perchance? Woohoo! Here's hoping they can do it - I think M o'N is one of the best coaches in the League so if anyone can do it, he can.

You have some lovely things here at your blog. I'll be back again.

Take care :-) x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

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Debbie Moss

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prettyshabby said...

Hi Funky M, Trevarno looks like a great place to visit..especially love the museum, I went to Webbs the other week strangely enough..they should sell repro seed signs like their original ones,theyve missed a trick there!
That bridge looks like it should be in New England, isn't it pretty? I think were all pretty p***ed off with the weather here..hope you had the sunshine this weekend anyway x

Sal said...

Hi again..couldn't find an email for you so am replying this way.

We must have just missed each other in Leominster!!

Utter Clutter..I was disappointed really,thought it would be bigger and as you say little room to move, which irritated me ;-)

I'm not sure where you live but if you go to Shropshire, then do visit The Land of Lost Content,in Craven Arms.That was wonderful ;-)