Monday, 8 December 2008

A Busy Weekend

I don't particularly enjoy shopping in large cities, especially at this time of year. Instead we try to visit small market towns with interesting independent shops. Most of the major Christmas items are bought over the internet. This weekend meant a visit to Much Wenlock for their Christmas Fayre. It used to begin for us with a viist to Wenlock Priory and a donkey ride for Josh to visit Father Christmas in the candlelit ruins of the Priory. Well, he's far too grown up and sophisticated to do that sort of thing now, so we content ourselves with a leisurely wander around the shops, exploring the stalls in the streets and having a good mooch in the craft tent.

The Wenlock Deli is full of foodie gorgeousness, my favourites being their sumptuous desserts sold by the slice. In Wenlock Books we were offered warm punch to drink which reinvigorated us for our trek around the craft tent.

In the town square there is always a variety of entertainment, although this year 'Windbag' was playing his hurdy-gurdy in the main street.

I think this house belongs in my Advent village.

As the darkness fell we left Wenlock behind to return home to a warm fire and the promise of hot chocolate.

Sunday morning was bright and frosty and after hot porridge and chocolate croissants to fortify ourselves we ventured forth to find our perfect Christmas tree. Trees are lifted and stood up straight, examined carefully - that one is too tall, that one too bushy, another too spindly, until we find a tree we can all agree on. However, deliberation doesn't end here as we have to choose a wreath for the door.

With a wreath duly chosen, the tree is packed tightly into the car and we all jump in, eager to return home for some warming soup and an afternoon of tree decorating ahead.

Eventually, the tree is finished, although as hard as I try I can't seem to take a good photograph of it.

The Advent village is growing (too quickly I think) and the Greengrocers is now open for business and will be joined by more shops in the coming days. Quite a few people have asked where the village came from. Well, it's good old M&S, although it is around 10 years old now.


Simone said...

This is such a lovely post. The wreath is gorgeous as is the tree. I especially like the baubles hanging around the fireplace. My favourite thing in this post though was the sentence 'Windbag was playing his hurdy-gurdy in the main street.'!

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

SSSssssooooooo!The Funkymonkey has a name I only now discover....Hi Tracey,I love coming to see what your up to, you visit some of my favourite places, Tewkesbury and Much Wenlock! they oooze Christmas to me, such a great post,I did'nt know about the festivities though, do they have it every year?
So glad you have forgiven me for my lousy blogging, Annie x

MelMel said...

My kind of shopping trip!

Love the tree and the wreath....will go to the local park for bits to make mine.....!

Enjoy the evening!xxx

nimblejacks said...

The windbag!!! Ha ha we have a cat often referred to as windbag but for entirely different reasons!!!

Sal said...

We visited Much Wenlock, in Sept. I thought it was a lovely little place. Love your wreath !;-)

Julia said...

Hi Funky! - found you via Simone's blog. That's a really nice tree you've bought and the Christmas fayre at Much Wenlock looks as though it was fun. I was just browsing your blog and found your Nanaimo Bars - no calories I take it then. Humour a poor deluded chocoholic!!!:0)

Curlew Country said...

What a fantastic trip to MW. We were there a few weeks ago on a miserable afternoon but it's still charming. I spent a year studying in nearby Ironbridge and we used to pop to MW for pate, wine and chocs for treat! Lovely memories.

Adore your wreath, I'm trying to find something similar. Fingers crossed for our greengrocer. I agree whole heartedly about shopping small. A few astute internet buys and lots of pootling around small, independent shops is the way to go for me too!

Lovely tree - they never photograph well do they but your's is smashing!

P.s. Windbag came to an event I was involved with last year to mark our town's 800th market charter year - hilarious! Good to see him again.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Thank-you for visiting my blog.

I wish I could take a trip to the UK and visit all these lovely places in person. Since that's not possible, I will have to tour by means of your wonderful pictures.

I love your tree and especially love the wreath. I've already taken up residence in your advent scene in my imagination.


MelMel said...

Thank you is your day going?
I'm on my break! yippee!xx

This Vintage Life... said...

I can never seem to get a good picture of my Christmas Tree either. I wonder why that is!
What a smashing place that looks....much nicer than fighting your way through the crowds in a shopping centre...yeuch!
Deb x
Your wreath is gorgeous...I'll never find one like that 'round here

MelMel said...

Thank you hun!xxx
Happy weekend!

Country Cottage Chic said...

I'm with you - I'd rather spend my time (and money) in little shops & order the big things online.
Your tree & wreath look very pretty indeed.

Clare said...

Everything looks so lovely! I am with you when it comes to large town/small town shopping, it's a far more enjoyable experience in a smaller place. Love that wreath, very pretty! Have a great weekend! Clare x

Anonymous said...

wow! wenlock village looks very charming!! how great!

good old m&s for lovely classics!