Monday, 5 December 2011

It's on the Way

I'm not a great fan of Christmas. I can't stand all those crowds and seeing all those naff presents in the shops. But buying the Christmas edition of the Radio Times is one of those traditions that rates along with buying the tree each December. I've been very restrained and haven't even opened it yet, but I'm already anticipating the goodies that await us over the festive period. My favourite film The Railway Children must be in there along with Doctor Who and a Harry Potter. Mr. F and I will probably be fighting to read it first, but there is always consensus when it comes to choosing what we must watch. We never see anything on Christmas Day, but know what is a must on catch up t.v. and we'll enjoy searching out those feel good programmes and old black and white films that get hidden away in the schedules. There's nothing like cosying in on a dark December afternoon with an Ealing comedy, a little tipple and some Christmas chocolate or my absolute favourite...amaretti soffici.Just the thing after a long walk over Kinver Edge. I'd love you tell me your guilty(or not so guilty) tv pleasure over the Christmas period. We're really busy at the moment trying to decorate. Most of the house needs redecorating, but things move slowly in the Funkyhouse. For 18 months now, the books from the study (spare bedroom) have been boxed up and living in my bedroom, so that the study can be redecorated. It's taken a long time
to get to the stage where we can choose wallaper.

I was all for for a pale, modern look but both Mr. F and Teenage Boy insisted that we had to keep a warm and cosy look. Outnumbered again, I gave in and we have found something dark and cosy.It's not all papered yet. Fancy a sneaky peek?

Hopefully it will be finished by next weekend as it will be another full weekend as we need to buy a tree. It's one of the few outings we get with Teenage Boy these days, as he loves to help choose a tree. It's quite a decision some times and we cannot buy one without our young man's approval. Have a good week., I hope your festive preparations are going well.