Monday, 30 August 2010

This Summer

As August draws to a close I thought it was about time I revisited photographs from the summer months and actually did something with them. It's been a funny old summer hasn't it? It began with so much promise, the sunshine and heat of June only to give way to such dullness and disappointment in July and August.

Above and below is my Cornish cove. Yes , it is mine - at least it is at eight o'clock in the mornings when I share it only with the oystercatchers and ships lined up ready to dock in Falmouth.

Later on I do have to share it with others, but being a pebbly beach in a tiny, tiny village it has very little chance of ever turning into the type of seaside I avoid. We had some lovely days in Cornwall this year my favourite being my birthday when we had a walk from the tiny village of Zennor and its beautiful church to the gaspingly beautiful dramatic cliffs of Zennor Head.

Pausing on the way to Zennor Head we were able to admire the hedgrows

and some inquisitive locals

suddenly to find this spectacular scene before us.

I really could live in a house here.

Josh had a fantastic week as he left his Mom and Dad behind to camp with friends who were staying just a few miles away from us at Manaccan. That freed us to do some 'boring' stuff like visiting CK in St Ives. Well it was my birthday!

And to revisit my beautiful, peaceful Trerice. How I would love to live in a house this old! Mind you I wouldn't fancy the bills that come with it!

Mr F. is more suited to the Victorian grandeur of Lanhydrock but beautiful as it is I think I might get lost too often if I lived here.

This year was the first time we had walked along Gillan Creek with the serene St Anthony church right beside it. I can't think why we hadn't done so before as it's close to where we stay.

There was a trip to Porthleven.

To Coverack too.

I did mean to take pictures of tea rooms and cake - but the trouble was I just wanted to eat it and couldn't be bothered photographing it to share with you. Mind you everyone else in the tearooms would think I was a right old nutter wouldn't they, taking pictures of cake. Or maybe they might say "Ah! There's another blogger dear, bless!' Well, today is the last day I can put my feet up. It's back to work tomorow.