Friday, 25 June 2010

A Week to Myself

Yes, it's true. I've had a week's holiday from work all to myself. I've been into work some extra Saturdays and done some training to be able to lead walks for the public. That's meant I've ended up with loads of time owing and course I picked this week to have the time back, primarily because of the England game on Wednesday. (Huge sighs of relief on that front).

The weekend began with a trip to lovely Shrewsbury and my first visit to Vintage. Just look at that oh so inviting display in the window and on the pavement. Well, I couldn't pass it by now could I? The shop is mainly vintage with a few new items and is really attractively laid out despite its small size. Needless to say, I didn't come away empty handed. Have a look at my goodies. A pretty plate

another pretty plate

and a huge bar of French lavender soap.

Although I think the bargain of the day must have been the new pair of Birkenstocks from the QVC shop for only ten pounds.

This glorious weather has meant that I've actually been able to enjoy the garden

and pick some pretties to display in the house

along with some beauties from the local Waitrose.

I've also kept Mr F and Josh happy by baking yummy lemon drizzle

and the more exotic red velvet cupcakes

from this fantastic book.

Yesterday I took the train to Worcester and found a few goodies there. A new CK bag to feed my spotty obsession.

Also feeding my spot obsession was this bargain scarf at three pounds.

You might have noticed my fondness for anything Union flag related

it was a bargain - really!

I've also made a new button necklace from some vintage coat buttons. Larger than I usually use, but I've already had some sweet comments about it.

Tomorrow, I'm off to the hairdressers for some pampering and on Sunday - well, it will be a very stressful afternoon watching our boys pasting the Germans! Don't underestimate us Mr Beckenbauer.

Back at work next week for a rest I think.

Not sure they'll like it if I turn up in PJs.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Making me Happy

Oh I have missed my computer! After four weeks it's working again and I can do all the things that I've missed so much. I've already had some much needed retail therapy and now it's time for me to catch up with all you lovely ladies. I've tried to keep up with your blogs whilst I'm at work but it's very difficult as even though I'm using my lunch time to catch up with everyone the time is monitored as well as the sites we use. So all in all I feel quite uncomfortable using their p.c.s and as a result I've missed you all.

I was so happy to get the computer back and looking forward to sharing the photos I'd taken with you of the places we had visited and of the garden as it has sprung back into life. So as I settled down to upload my pictures yesterday I anticipated sharing loveliness with you and making up for lost time in blogging terms. However, just as the pictures had been uploaded and then deleted from the camera - the heavy rain outside turned into a thunderstorm and a power surge turned the p.c off for a few seconds - not long - but long enough to lose all my pictures! Maybe I should give up blogging now!

So today, I have very little to show you in the form of pictures. No pictures of my garden looking pretty or of elegant Berrington Hall or historic Hellens where we spent a couple of lovely days last week. Instead, just a few pictures of the things giving me plesaure today. Best of all, my Alys Fowler book arrived this morning. I have missed this series so much since it finished. I am hoping that they will put it out on dvd so I can watch it again and again and probably get something new from it on each occasion.

Also making me happy today - seeing the jolly cushions I made a few weeks ago, in the garden arbour

and being able to chill in there with my delicious new book.

Colourful teatowels that make the washing up a little less of a chore

my new, old tin,

Sweet William,

and new mugs for the picnic basket from Waitrose. I'm sure that we'd actually got plenty of mugs in the cupboard that could have fitted the picnic basket but these just said 'buy me'. Don't tell Mr F!

And the thing that's making me happy most of all?...........................Being back in the world of blog of course!